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I have much of the junk emails that come to me auto set to go to the Trash folder through Junk Filter settings. However, when I do a Command>A, to choose all the email in the Trash folder, and then click on Delete, the junk emails I never opened don't delete until I do it again or click on each one and then click Delete. All the other emails I moved there manually will disappear using the Command>A and Delete, just not those that went there by filter rules I set up. Why?

Is it because I never bothered to open those emails?

What's the point of the filtering rules if I still have to open each email before I can delete it?


I've also noticed that despite the filter rules I made, some junk emails that fall into those rules still go to my Inbox folders instead of the Trash. Why is that?

What's the point of the filtering rules if they don't work as set?

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