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Please could somebody help me with this issue.


I have just purchased a new/re-conditioned iMac 27" from the US. It's a monster beauty but I can't login to make changes, ie. reset password ect in system preferences?


The seller in the US has confirmed that no login password has been set up by himself and I should be able to get in with 'Full name: My Mac and Password: blank (Hit enter key) but when I go System Preference > System > User & Groups > Click lock to make changes and hit 'Enter in the password box under Name 'My Mac' I just get a shuddering box and it won't login me in to make my changes.


My retailer insists that no password has been set and believes I must be doing something wrong not to be able to login. He has instructed me just to hit Enter to be able to continue but this is not working.


This a a new iMac, it smells new and surely there must be a way to reset a password or if there is a factory stored password that you reset on delivery and set up. Is there anyway I can get round this? I just cant install software until I can login as Administrator.


Please let me know if I am doing something fundementally wrong?


Many thanks


(United Kingdom)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 3.4 Ghz Intel Core 1.7 - 8GB memory