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I just got myself new mac,but thinking how easy i can move my applications only without redownloading and installing from diffrent places i got them..also it will take me alot of time...anyway to move those apps with there registration key from the old mac?


I wish to move only the apps and the setting i have made to them before....

Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    When you set up the new Mac, it will offer the opportunity to migrate all your old data from the other one.


    Lots of people skip that step, but you can run it any time. Find the program called "Migration Assistant".


    Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 12.26.51 AM.png


    It is in the Utilities folder and contains instructions on how to connect the two. All your registration keys etc. will be copied.


    Beware that Power PC apps will not run with Lion. This is important. If you don't know the implications of that then write back.


    Migration Assistant might take a while to complete - several hours is not unusual.

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    I will copy from my old macbook pro 13 2011 to new 15.i dont think i have power pc apps there.

    If i use migration,will all my app run perfect? I only wish to copy apps and few stuff only,i dont want to copy everything on the old mac...

    It possible to select what and what to copy?

    thank you for the first answer...

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    It possible to select what and what to copy?


    Not with Migration Assistant. You only have the option of copying categories like your Applications folder, music, etc. I recommend you let it copy everything, then set about deleting what you do not need.


    Migration Assistant is only one way to copy your data, but it is designed to be the most user-friendly way to accomplish that. For one, it assures that all your app registration keys will be copied, which you were concerned about.


    Will everything work as before? It is impossible to be certain. Some programs may not work with Lion even if they are not Power PC apps. For them, you will have to research the vendors to determine if they have made updated versions available. You will probably want to keep your old Mac around until you are assured you can do everything with the new one that you had been doing with the old one.

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    You may find this Pondini link useful;