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Hallo Everybody, Hallo Apple (i hope it will be readed by some developers)


I have some suggestions to make the ipod even better.

Actually i bought the ipod only because it offers the voice over technology which so for i think no other player includes.

I like to hear a folder out of 800 songs in shuffle and learn how the songs are called.

So it would be perfect if you could change the voice over like in a mode for read songs only but always.


So the ipod would not read all the Menu options, status info´s and so on - only the Track informations. And would be great if it would read this informations always. Not only when a button is pressed like in ipod shuffle.


I think this is easy to implement and i hope u can take care about that.


You could go ahead and make the best product even better, make a function which no-one else has so far better...

I hope you will.


Cheers HST82

iPod nano