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I want to create a 802.1x system profile for my MB pro so that it can start up wifi before logon and have athenticate with win 2008 AD.

I was able to bind the mb pro to AD domain, created a device profile on osx lion server and imporetd it into the MB pro which went fine, but i see the wifi is grayed out and i see the "other Accounts" with Red dot saying "Network accounts not available. i waited for about 10 mins but no luck,


But when i logon using local account the wifi auto matically connects to the wifi,need help to fix this issue.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    You need to create a login window profile. This will cause the MBP to authenticate to the 802.1X wi-fi with the username and password you enter at the login screen.



    Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 12.55.27 PM.png

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    Hi Jonathan


    Thanks for the help but

    on my lion server profile manager web interface i could not find the "Use as logoin Windows configuration(mac OS X only)" select option for wifi network profile. it shows up only for wired 802.1x .

    I am relativly new to mac os.




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    Got it working now

    thanks for your help



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    exactly my topic I have been fighting now for months and already gave up.


    My setup is a Lion Server and a Lion WLAN client. My goal is to have the system profile 802.1x WLAN authentication up and running but I just don't get it working. First I tried to create a machine certificate (TLS) but this did not work. Then I tried the option to use Computer Object credentials (TTLS) (Open Directory Computer Object account credentials) to establish network connection before a user logs on but also this does't work.


    As said I'm using Lion Server with Open Directory and Lion Server Radius.


    Any help or guide appreciated!