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I have two Time Capsules which i have been using over a Wireless network with my MacBook Pro.

I recently moved to another country.  I have a new wireless network.

How can I get my Time Capsules to work again?

Currently they just flash Amber when I power them up.

I also bought an ethernet cable to directly connect a TC to my MBP but that does not work either.

I am at my wit's end. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Unfortunately the TC does not move countries very well.. it is limited by region it is sold in to be only suitable for wireless regs in those places.. It therefore really depends where you moved to.. country with the region is not usually an issue but half way around the globe is..


    Anyway to get the TC going again.. plug it via ethernet into your computer.. (one by one of course).

    No other connections. Turn off wireless in the MBP.. no other connection to the TC.. just ethernet to the LAN port.. Press and hold the reset for 10sec.. and once the TC starts it should become available to the Mac. Open airport utility and set it up .. usually in bridge, so you can plug into your existing router. Set wireless to off might be easier than mucking around with it, if the country is not available in the list.


    Do the same for TC2.. You can chain the TC together as long as both are in bridge. ie ethernet from main router to TC1.. ethernet TC1 to TC2. They should then appear on your computer when you run via wireless to your normal router.

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    Thanks so much!! My TCs are alive again (albeit one at a time .. loool).

    I really appreciate your advice. I will stick with the Ethernet connection for now because the wireless is very iffy around here.

    Can I daisy chain my TC's using Ethernet cables?



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    If both are in bridge yes, daisy chain them is fine.

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    Could you please explain what you mean by "in bridge"? Thanks so much!

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    Bridge means no router.. you are turning off the internal router in the TC..


    To do this open manual setup in Airport utility.. if you have lion you need to download the version 5.6 which has guts.. the 6.0 in Lion is gutless.


    Go to Internet tab on the top..

    Connection sharing.. down the bottom choose Off, bridged mode.. thus bridged.. update the TC. it now becomes a dumb box which will get IP address from the main router.