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I use two languages on my Mac: English and Russian. I was writing an email in Russian when I had to leave my computer - so I locked it. When i came back, I tried to log back in. A shocking surprise: Mac was using a Russian layout and I have found no way to switch back to English to type my username and password (which are in English). I tried:


- resetting the PRAM (booting while holding option+Command+R+P)

- booting in single user mode and adding an admin user with empty username/password

- booting in single user mode and messing around with /var/log/CDIS/.custom (turned out it was set to "English" anyway)


I booted in a normal mode and started trying all random key combinations in hopes to switch to English. I frustration, I typed my password in the password box -- while using the Russian layout -- and voila - I was logged in.


What happened was: when I added another layout, I had no idea that I needed to check a box to "Show input method on login screen" in a menu that is completely different from "Languages and Input" menu (in the Accounts-> Login Options). So when computer got locked, it wanted me to use the language I used last to login without providing an option of switching. I argue this is not user-friendly.


When I did select that box to show languages at login, I discovered something else: the username box wants you to use the language you used last by default (i.e. Russian), but the password box wants you to use English (that's why I was abke to login at all). Also: when focus is on the password field (and the language box show an American flag), when I go to switch the language, it shows a list of three Russian layouts of which only one is enabled -- and no English at all!


Have anybody run into this? Can anyone explain why whould the login screen be designed in such a way?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)