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Is there a way to delete songs so they are no longer on my iPod but remain on my iTunes? Thank you!

iPod classic
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    First of all do You use auto-sync or do you manage music manualy? Plug ipod to computer and open itunes. Select ipod from left menu, click music select all and prese delete!

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    To delete you songs in iPod and not in iTunes library, you have to put iTunes Device sync to Manually Manage ticked as below,

    the example, is for iPod Touch, but applicable to iPod Classic.

    To sync your content manually:

    1. Connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your computer and select your device in iTunes (below Devices)
    2. .iPod shown under Devices in iTunes
    3. Click the Summary button and select “Manually manage music and videos” (below Options).Sync options in the Summary tab
    4. Select a category (below Library).Picture of categories in the iTunes Library list: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Books, Apps
    5. Do any of the following:
      • To add items to your device, drag videos, playlists, artists, genres, and albums to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad (below Devices).
      • To delete a song or selection of songs from your device, select the song/s and press the Delete key.Removing a song from your device doesn’t delete it from your iTunes library.
    6. Before you disconnect your device, click the Eject button .


    Have a nice day!

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    Easy just slide the song to bring up delete (slide left )

    Than press it dur