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I have an issue updating my iPhone to iOS 5.1

I wanted to download the update over the air, I tap on Check for Update and then it's checking for update for long time and at the end there is a communicate "Unable to Check for Update. An error occured while checking for a software update".The same thing is on my iPod touch.


What can I do, if I don't wanna update via iTunes?


I have iOS 5.0.1, don't have jailbreak.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
Solved by giosdeveloper on Mar 8, 2012 6:59 AM Solved

In Summary


If you are getting the error message "Unable to check for update" when you try an OTA (over the air update) there are two things to try:


1. Change DNS Servers

  • Settings -> Wi-Fi
  • Click the blue arrow on your connected network
  • Delete everything in DNS and replace it with,
  • Try again
  • If this works, you will probably want to remove the WiFi network using "Forget This Network" and then reconnect to it to get your original DNS servers back. Alternatively, make a note of the original DNS servers before deleting them and replace it after you are done.


If the above does not work then try the second option

2. Reset device

  • Backup your iPhone/iPad to iCloud (very important).  Settings -> iCloud -> Storage and Backup -> Backup Now (at the bottom)
  • Erase your device.  Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content And Settings
  • Device will reset and wipe itself
  • When it restarts follow the instructions on screen and setup your device. You're choices here do not really matter except for restoring from a backup.  Do not restore a backup, choose "Set up as new".
  • When complete, the Software Update should now work which will install IOS 5.1
  • When installed, Erase the device again. (See Step 2)
  • Once erased, follow the wizard but this time select that you wish to restore from a backup in iCloud.  Select the backup that you took in step 1.
  • Your device should be back to normal and with IOS 5.1.


These are the two known fixes at the moment.  I hope this helps.

Reply by The-G on Mar 8, 2012 5:12 AM Helpful

I get the same error on iPhone 4S when I try to update from the mobile itself. When I try to do it from itunes instead, I get stucked on the 'Contacting the iPhone update server' bar, it just keeps trying without giving me any error message..

Reply by wjosten on Mar 7, 2012 2:18 PM Helpful

Apple's servers are slammed, happens every time...wait.

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