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  • ASky84 Level 1 Level 1

    Problems, problems, problems... :-(. I can't start iTunes 10.6 without crashing - waiting 10-20 minutes after the crash (spinning ball) it works fine. Please update iTunes soon

  • JDfunky Level 2 Level 2

    goldie38 wrote:


    I called apple direct they said they had not heard of any issues with the update (don't they read the forums?)


    goldie38.... no, they do not read the forums. have a look at how many forums there are and how many messages are posted each day (or even hour!)..... this is not the forum for feedback to apple, this is the forum for users to help one another (if possible.)


    go to this link to give feedback about the bug in iTunes you are experiencing. (there is only a minority of us experiencing it, not everyone is.)

  • lord smiley Level 1 Level 1

    Okay I can appreciate there are a lot of forums and that Apple can't read them all, but not to have heard at all about the crashes of iTunes sounds like a lame excuse if you ask me. I have clicked on the link provided by JDfunky: and tried to let them know what the problem is. I suggest we all do the same so that these nitwits can't use the excuse of not knowing that the software they have released is actually pretty useless and not fit for purpose.


    Almost to prove the point that Apple are no longer a company that seems to be on the ball with customer service is that there is no iTunes 10.6 in the 'What iTunes are you using' drop down menu.


    Anyway let them know so maybe it can be fixed soon.

  • lord smiley Level 1 Level 1

    Hang on.. doesn't iTunes generate some kind of report that is sent to Apple everytime it crashes? That's what it says. So for them to say they haven't heard about the crashes when surely reports must be coming in left, right and centre means either a) no one is actually monitoring these reports or b) they are lying.


    Apple really aren't making friends round here.

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 Level 1

    The feedback link is not the way to go.  You should report a bug at  You have to sign up for free to be a developer.  That is the best way to get to Apple.

  • bracesguy Level 1 Level 1

    For what it is worth I spent sometime on Apple Support Friday and they acted like they had necer heard of this problem.  We tried to make a new user account and load all my music there.  It was working fine until it was all loaded and it started crashing upon launch.


    So I followed the recommendations from this discussion on restoring back to itunes 10.5.3.  That was extremely quick and easy.  It took a few minutes and I was back to where I was 2 weeks ago with a perfectly running iTunes.  I will obviuosly wait to update until I know from others it is running without crashing.

  • BrianM_WPG Level 1 Level 1

    They do review the crash reports - although it will be initially handled by an automated system looking for repeating issues, which then get reported to software engineers, if there are many reports it may get reported to the AppleCare group.  So when someone calls into AppleCare they may not have been told yet (and when phoning you may get someone who has heard of an issue, or not depending on how many shifts they have worked etc...).

    From what I've heard, the Feedback system is similar in processing being done to look for common issues that may be showing up from the mass number of messages they get from the system.  Only then does it get passed on.



    I work for a 3rd party service provider and only heard of this issue from one customer out of several hundred, if not over a thousand customers I work with, which is how I ended up in this discussion.

    lord smiley wrote:


    Hang on.. doesn't iTunes generate some kind of report that is sent to Apple everytime it crashes? That's what it says. So for them to say they haven't heard about the crashes when surely reports must be coming in left, right and centre means either a) no one is actually monitoring these reports or b) they are lying.


    Apple really aren't making friends round here.

  • vishtasb Level 1 Level 1

    Since the upadate to 10.6 iTunes, when it is playing, it totally slows down my machine, including a jerky mouse that freezes on a regular basis accross all running applications. I had not realised that it was iTunes until today because I rarely have it on while I'm actually working. Today I was running it and was taking some time out to play a little game to take my mind off all the things I have to finish, when lo and behold, the game (Train Maze in this case) which is only a little game and does not require much RAM or CPU started freezing and generally not responding. I tohught it was the game. But then even my finder windows would simply not scroll even after I quite the game. So I checked by running a few programs while iTunes was on and the same thing was happening there, in all the apps. As soon as I quite iTunes everything was back to normal.


    So I repaired permissions and restarted the machine, ran a few heavy duty apps such as Photoshop CS5 and so on, all running as fast and normal as ever. As soon as I tried running iTunes again the problems started again.


    What exactly is going on?

  • turmatic Level 1 Level 1

    OK........I struggled with this issue for a while now.  I upgraded to 10.6 the day I received my new iPad 3.  I had been VERY happy with my iPad 2 but wanted to upgrade. 


    After updating,I was only able to keep iTunes open by using the "list" view for my music.  If I tried to view covers, instant crash. In addition, when I played music from my new iPad 3, it did NOT match up with what Apple TV said was playing.  D**n frustrating.  Following instructions on this forum as pertains to iPhoto did nothing for my issues.


    Yesterday morning, I deleted 10.6 and went back to the earlier version.  ALL problems solved.  No crashing.  IPad now streams to Apple TV properly.  I assure you, I will NOT upgrade unless I check here first to see if the latest version is running properly.


    Shame on Apple for not dealing with this issue........

  • vishtasb Level 1 Level 1

    WOW well done Apple


    They really top themselves everywhere! A little in depth search to find iTunes 10.5.3 to reinstall this older version, led me to absolutely nowhere!!!! On the Apple site Older Software downloads section (no mean feat finding this) there are no older versions of iTunes 10 available. I've read in a few of the posts here that people reinstalled this version (10.5.3).


    Where did you find it? It seems to be nowhere!


    Help! Thanks.

  • turmatic Level 1 Level 1

    Hello.....  I used the procedure found in the beginning of this thread.  Make sure you follow it carefully.  Any purchases from the store that were made after the earlier library will be LOST by the way.  You can restore them from the store once you are done.  Any CDs loaded will have to be reloaded.  Interestingly, iTunes DOES NOT prompt you to reload 10.6 so Apple must know it is faulty????  Procedure:


    Quit iTunes (if it hasn't already quit itself)

    Go to /Applications/ and click

    Press command + I to get info

    Edit the permissions so everyone has read/write access

    Move iTunes 10.6 to the trash

    Go to ~/Music/iTunes (or wherever your iTunes library is stored)

    Copy iTunes Library.itl to your desktop to be safe (delete it when you finish the process, this is your 10.6 library which you may still want if you can't fix iTunes after this)

    Go to ~/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries/ and copy the file that was created closest to today (in my case, it was one from about an hour before I installed 10.6); the old library you're copying is your iTunes 10.5.3 library

    Paste it in ~/Music/iTunes

    Rename the file to iTunes Library.itl

    Go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete everything that starts with

    Download the iTunes 10.5.3 disk image from *****

    Install iTunes 10.5.3; it should load the older library you just copied to your iTunes folder

    Open iTunes

    Play a victory song and wait for 10.6.1 so you don't have to do this again


    I pulled 10.5.3 from my Time Capsule BUT......I seem to remember there being a link to it in this discussion.  Problem solved.......  Good luck.  It was WELL worth the effort.

  • vickishome Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    vishtasb, it was easy to find iTunes v10.5.3. All I did was google "itunes 10.5.3 download" (without quotes). The very top link took me to this page:


    On that page are links to download the OS X and Windows versions of 10.5.3 directly from Apple.


    Not hard at all.

  • vickishome Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    turmatic, OS X's Software Update won't prompt you to reload iTunes v10.6 because, as far as it knows, you already did it. When we manually trash 10.6 and load 10.5.3, we're not updating the OS X's Software Update database. It has no knowledge that we've performed a manual downgrade behind its back. So there's no reason for it to prompt you to reload software that—as far as it knows—you've already installed.


    I have had iTunes itself prompt me to reinstall 10.6, but I just ignored it. However, the main OS X Software Update won't ever prompt me to reinstall it because it runs off of a database of installed software, and that database's records still show that I installed it already.


    As far as Apple not knowing about this issue, it's important to keep things in perspective. Consider how many millions of people all over the world use iTunes on a daily basis, and then compare that to the percentage of them who are having problems with 10.6. It seems not everyone is having problems with 10.6 or we'd hear more about it than just a thread on here. Imagine if millions of users were affected—it would be headline news! But it's not. So while it's a disastrous upgrade for some of us (myself included), it appears 10.6 is working for most people.


    Fortunately, 10.5.3 is rock solid for me so I can continue to use iTunes like I always have until Apple gets this fixed.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    mwheelerk wrote:


    I am very curious about a potential link to the version of iPhoto that is being run and the crashing of iTunes. I received a warning screen abou updating iphoto when I first upgraded to iTunes 10.6. I assume this was related to my having upgraded to Lion 10.7.3 so I did update to iPhoto 11. I have not experienced any iTunes crashes.


    Is there anyone who has iTunes 10.6 and iPhoto 11 and does experience crashes of iTunes?

    iPhoto may fix something but it is not the cause (or not the only cause) of the crash.

    I have a new install of 10.7.3 with no iPhoto (and no iPhoto library) installed and iTunes 10.6 crashes on launching it.

  • deke4mama Level 1 Level 1

    I was ready to try the uninstall and going back a version of iTunes, but the iPhoto upgrade to 9.2.2 worked for me. Still, should anyone have to pay $14.99 to get back the functionality they had yesterday? Really Apple, I think most of us expect better QA and testing here.

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