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This machine WILL NOT ALLOW an Install Boot from ANYTHING other than the Jaguar CD. Screen "blinks" when I attempt to use Sys Pref to designate the 10.4 DVD ... Holding down "C" key is a waste, PRAM & NVRAM have been attempted.

Re-installing the 10.2 OS still has the SAME RESULT: Machine refuses ANY Sys Pref Startup OTHER than 10.2 ... PERIOD ... Just get a "blink" on the display, no Error Msg, just a blink ...

I've erased, zeroed & formatted the 80GB HD, matching RAM (4 X 256MB) ... so I'm pretty sure I need to get this "Firmware" thing resolved so the logic board stops being ILLOGICAL ... or ... is it IMPOSSIBLE to go from 10.2 direct to 10.4?

Again, Machine info is;

400 MHz PPC G4 Silver

1 MB RAM, with a CLEAN 80GB HD

As far as OTHER Posts have indicated, I need to download & run the 4.1.7 firmware ... it is VERY DIFFICULT to find ANYWHERE that is governed by Cupertino ...

Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics), Mac OS X (10.3.x), Frankenstein Assembled Machine ...