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Ok. I just updated my iPhone 4, 32gb to iOS 5.1, the brand new update released today with iPad 3. Now the battery is dropping FASTER THEN EVER! Literally able to watch it tick downwards at a rate of 1% per 5-10 mins of mild use! WTH!

I'm merely cheking of app updates. And looking at the settings and I can watch it tick downward. This is horrible. It's never, EVER been this bad with any iOS device I have owned.

Apple released yet another update supposedly resolving the lingering battery issues and yet again they have made them worse. iOS 5.0 was slightly worse then 4.3. iOS 5.0.1 was worse then iOS 5.0 but now with iOS 5.1 they have managed to destroy the battery of my iPhone 4 more then ever before. I understand the, mildly better then iPhone 4, iPhone 4S is the new primary device but iPhone 4 users should still be considered when "improving battery life".



iPhone 4, Other OS, Updated to iOS 5.1
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