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Still not working properly for me. How about anyone else? It's an improvement - I see a few songs in them now, but in some I am only seeing one or two where there should be hundreds.


Haven't been able to check the play count / last played yet but will experiment further with it tomorrow.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, 16GB
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    I find if I do a smart playlist (ios5.1 and itunes10.6--windows) for music added in the last 30days it will only show the purchased music on the ios but on in itunes it will show all music that was added, including ripped cd's etc and purchased music.

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    I think disabling music match on ios and then rebooting the device and then re-enabling it seems to fix the smart playlists.  Time will tell if this is correct!

  • truenorth2002 Level 1 (15 points)

    iOS 5.1 did not fix all the problems related to smart playlist in the iPad 2 with iTunes Match subscription.


    1. Smart Playlists based on dates are not syncing across all devices and Macs/PCs. For example, Recently Played.
    2. Smart Playlists based on play counts are not syncing across all devices and Macs/PCs.
    3. Sorting of songs in iPad2 is out of whack.  iPad2 music app seems to ignore the sort order in smart playlists. this is very annoying since I have a lot of classical music in my library in which track arrangement is very important. I'm not having this problem with my iPod Touch though, just in the iPad2.


    iOS 5.1 did fix one of my problems: the Smart Playlists in the iPad2 that are based on the "Comments" field. My smart playlists are now correctly populated with songs.


    These are my observations, so far.