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I have an iMac that I bought in 2009.  I want to use it as monitor 2 to our two macbookpro's.  One macbookpro has a mini display port.  The other has thunderbolt which as I believe is backward compatible with mini display port. The iMac documentation says it's only video connection is "mini DVI" (note - mini DVI not DVI).  I see no cables/adapters that can go direct from mini display port to mini DVI so I am thinking I need to go through some other intermediate. I have a mini display port to VGA adapter already but if I get new cables here I'd like to support higher resolution so I am thinking a mini display port to HDMI cable connected to a HDMI to mini DVI adapter.  Can get both with appropriate male/female connection on Amazon.


Has anyone done this specifically (mini displayport to mini dvi)?


Realize that support for audio over this link is questionable but not a concern for me. Hoped to verify that at least the video will work before I bother to order the cables/adapters!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)