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    My iPad 2 updated through every upgrade from 4.3 through 5.1 with no hitch. I'm trying to help my friend who's never done the updates on her iPad 2 jump from 4.3.3 to 5.1 using her PC and iTunes acct. It gives no error code but doesn't install on her iPad despite making it through the 89 minutes of downloading sucessfully. We've downloaded four different times. I put in a plea for help here:



    I'm still looking for answers and hoping someone will help me on my thread when I found this thread. I just wanted to pipe in and say that being on a PC or not doing it through wifi is not a magic solution.


    I am intrigued with the idea of connecting her iPad. to another computer. I was under the impression that once connected to a PC (or Mac) then you needed to keep it connected to that system (Mac or PC) and couldn't update through the other system. I would be thrilled to connect it to my Mac so I'm not also battling being in the foreign territory of PCs. I'm  going to try some of these suggestions the next time we get together. I've already spent two days at her house butting our heads against this problem. She's ready to pay someone at the genius bar but that's another lost day traveling to the big city.


    We are yearning for an answer to solve this difficulty. Do we have to go back and install earlier update versions before 5.1? If so, specifically where are they located in iTunes? I can't find them and the Apple site just says go to iTunes.

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    This thread pointed me in the right direction and I finally solved the problem of updating my friend's iPad 2 from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1. The path of my detective work through OS X Daily triggered some brain cells and we got the job done.


    First I went to:



    I did not tamper with the DNS settings. It wasn't my house or computer system and my friend's husband is a PC IT guy (hates Apple) so I didn't want to mess with his system. But that link led me to:



    We downloaded the IPSW file for her carrier and still nothing. However, this link carried the critical clue. It was the comment about OTA update. I didn't know what OTA meant (Over The Air) so I clicked on it.



    The last sentence of the OTA Update link made the problem clear:  "or because the device is not currently on iOS 5 or greater, when OTA updates became supported."


    The previous day I'd spent at her house butting my head against her PC I'd asked if the laptop on her desk we were hooking into, which was nestled in a spaghetti wire mess, was working wirelessly or wired in. Ah, ha! We had no ethernet cable connection. Fundamental, critical problem identified!


    I moved her laptop into her TV room, connected the ethernet cable from their internet router. Then I hit "update" yet again. It went through a full back up and restore (but not another 89 minute download). About two hours later, EUREKA!


    She is now 5.0.1 and will be able to do all the rest of her updates OTA!!    


    I also want to send a shout out to the blog author for this link:



    I found that entry encouraging when I wasn't finding the answer for the dilemma I faced with this problem.

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