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This is Windows 7 x64 on a MacBook Air. I have set the Trackpad options in Boot Camp Control Panel to "Tap to Click" with one finger, and "Secondary Tap" (i.e. right-click) with two fingers.


This generally works fine, except that with some software clicks do not work. It's not a random thing, they do not work at all. Moving the mouse works, but taps don't do anything at all. I can "hard-click" (until the trackpad mechanically clicks), and that works as a left-click, but I can't tap to do the same, or tap with two fingers to right-click.


I tried different USB mice, and I can change their button settings in the Control Panel, and they all work fine with all applications. This trackpad instead doesn't seem to have the usual mouse drivers or options, and however it is implemented it doesn't always work (with some applications). I am posting this in the hope that someone from Apple might notice and escalate for a fix.





MacBook Air, Windows 7