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I have been reading the other discussions and there seems to be a common thread so far.


Is this a useful app?


As i see it this is a product that takes your photos from your IPhoto in Mac or PC (already sorted tagged etc) and then sticks them on your iPad (as you did already), then mixes them up in order of event and then be able to create a journal if you want.


The 'Photo app on the iPad/iPhone does the download and upload already, so the only thing your gaining is edit and journal, and a nice glass shelf for your events which would have been better added to the existing product.


That said if you don't use a Mac/PC and are having an iPad on its own taking pictures with it or uploading via a dongle then its a good editing tool. but you cant create events or albums so its only half an app.. 

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  • Milkfloat Level 1 Level 1

    My opinion is that it is very much work in progress, there is a huge way to go before it become a useful app.  I will probably use it to edit images from my camera/mobile phone that I want to edit and upload to social networking sites.


    The photo editing side of the tool is actually pretty good, but the complete lack of organization and restrictive saving of images is poor.  It also has a lot of bugs that need fixing.  I will keep playing, but I suspect I will wait for further updates before I use it more widely.  If Apple had let me have a trial of it, then I would not have gone ahead and purchased.

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    I agree with you that its work in progress and that the edititng is very user frindly (some could be put into the Mac version).


    The reason that you dont get a trail is the obvious ' we have got your cash' but the price is a reasonable one to pay for what you and others will be using it for.

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    I like the fact that you can take photos with the iPhone 4S and 'beam' them to the iPad where you can utilise the larger display to edit the images and upload / share them.  For this feature alone it is worth the 3 quid.

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    Guys...it's a GREAT app.  Use Photos for organization and iPhoto for editing and creating topic focused "journals" for sharing either on iCloud (free), Facebook (free), Twitter (free ) etc.


    The editing tools are designed for touch and that alone trumps the new Photoshop Touch, which is much less intuitive.


    And, it's only $5.


    I like it.

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    I have so far been disappointed with this app for iPhone.  The layout is not intuitive and so far I haven't been able to find a manual or help file to search through.  The brushes are too difficult to use accurately on the small iphone screen. On some other apps, I've seen a small loupe magnifying glass pop up to the side to show exactly where you are painting.  This would be very helpful for this iPhoto app, because it is extremely difficult to be accurate.


    Overall, Snapseed and Touch Retouch have this beat by a mile, when it comes to user interface and functionality.


    I am hopeful that Apple will make future updates that will improve this app.  Until then, I will use it sparingly.

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    It's neat to play with, but it has a long way to go as far as workflow and organization.  Right now it impedes workflow too much... if I'm on a trip, I can load my SD card into the camera kit and then upload all my photos on the iPad for editing, which is nice.


    But then when I get home, there doesn't appear to be a way to synch events or albums back to my Mac where my main iPhoto library lives.  I would have to import the photos again from the iPad to the Mac, delete the photos from the iPad, create the events/albums again on the Mac, and then synch the events/albums back to the iPad.


    And who knows what happens to the photos I edit on the iPad, I guess they come over as duplicates.


    For $5 I can't complain, and I'm sure a lot will be changed in future upgrades.



    Also, I can't get Beam to work.  I followed the instructions, but there's nothing that indicates HOW the beaming occurs-- I assume both devices must be on the same WiFi network but it's not explicitly stated in the online help.  Or maybe it uses bluetooth.  Or maybe it uses an ad-hoc WiFi network (like Airdrop).  Who knows.