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I have an ATV 2 and live in United Kingdom. I use apple iCloud and also subscribe to Music Match.


I watched yesterday's apple keynote presentation re ATV 3, due for release next week and during the presentation it was said that users of ATV will be able to view/stream their previously purchased movies from the iCloud using the new firmware v5. In fact the demo showed the ATV user visiting the iTunes store via 'Movies'...'Purchased' menu option and selecting a pre-purchased movie called 'Extremely loud & incredibly close' and was then able to stream the movie direct from the cloud.


So I downloaded the latest firmware for my ATV 2 today and whist the software is identical to the interface displayed during the keynote yesterday, there is no 'purchased' option in the movies app. So my question is this ... Is it a case that viewing pre-purchased movies is just an option for ATV 3 and not ATV 2 (albeit the option has always been available on ATV 1) or is this option not available to United Kingdom users?


Looking at my own research here:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3069 .. It appears that the 'purchase' option for movies from the apple store should be allowed here in the UK ...so can anyone confirm whether or not they have the 'purchased' option on movies on their ATV 2 available in the new firmware.


Perhaps this is a feature yet to be enabled?