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Hi guys  I am new to Apple, have the air i5, 4gb 1.7ghz.

I am running parallels and working great. I see a LOT of heat posts here and elsewhere regarding this and the mbp.


Is it true I have to actually monitor the temp on this PC while I use it in order to prevent damage?? I notice the temp goes way up when using parallels and when gaming.  I cannot believe that an Apple machine requires this kind of babysitting in order not to damage it.. I just cannot fathom this.


Is this true?




  • JoeyR Level 6 (8,280 points)

    The only time there is a need to monitor the temperatures is if you are troubleshooting a problem.  For example, if you find your fan is running heavily when you're not actually doing anything, you might want to check the temp to see if there is a reason for the fan to be running so fast.  Otherwise, your system will manage the temps just fine.  It certainly will not hurt it.  In a worst case scenario, your system will shut itself down if it gets too hot.  Parallels and gaming are among the most taxing things you can do and they will cause your system to get warmer.

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    SO what your saying is that there is no need to limit use of certain apps for heat reasons? 

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    There are a lot of people who closely monitor the heat of their computers - why? It must be an uber-nerd thing and speaking as a conventional nerd, I don't worry about it. Modern notebooks are hotter than older notebooks were and that's partly because the CPUs & GPUs generate a lot more heat and partly because the aluminum case acts as a heat sync. If the temperature inside gets dangerously hot the computer will turn itself off.

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    Thats what I was thinking,  I don't know what all these people think they know that the engineers who designed these laptops know. I mean if there was a heat issue we would hear about thousands of recalls. I actually started to think monitoring the temp was a must.


    I want to use my macbook air as my main machine which will be used all day every day.. I am assuming this is ok;) anyone disagree??


    Thanks guys

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    I've got the new 11" with the i7 upgrade.  Heat is not a problem.  While I never compared it directly against the i5, it certainly has some pop.  If you can afford to "stretch" for the i7, I think it's worth the extra  cash.

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    i am good with the i5 its great, my main concernn was how it went up to 98c 99c at some times during parallel use and also using this machine basically all day everyday and worrying about wear or failure