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I'd like to use iBook Author to make a book that is mainly images with a few text boxes. But little or no flowing text.


Is there a template or recommended approach to do that? It seems templates are designed to accept text flow. I realize I can delete text boxes, but  in portrait view, the image-only book doesn't display well.


Any templates, ideas or examples appreciated.

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    Here's a free completely generic template. Take a look.  - Fabe

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    Basic...child's book, if that is what you're drafting...?


    Crafting a chapter-less book is possible, but a minimum of one section is requred. Remove the chapter label, leave the TOC blank and you'll then have a basic/generic point from which to work with.


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    Hi KT,


    Thanks for the prompt reply,


    It's a history book for HS kids that uses images, videos, and short text boxes to let the student be the historian. Other than introducing sections, I'd like to let the student interpret the artifacts without a lot of over-curation.


    Here's some sample screenshots of a PDF version I did http://bit.ly/xPJy4b These have a heavily imaged background which I would not be trying for in the iBook.


    A few questions:

    1. I'm not sure what chapter-less book is. Does that eliminate the automatic text flow elements or merely give you a blank book to work with?

    2. With chapter-less, can you still have sections, since I'll need some structure?

    3. It seems that when I switch to portrait the images are small on the sidebar. Is there another way to let them stay "large"?"



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    1.) It is supposed to reduce elements and make it easier when the book is mostly pictures/images (a kid's book as example). Given your updated description of your book, I think you should just use the iBA 'Basic' template and tweak it for your own idea(s).


    2.) See #1, but yes.


    3.) Try drafting in landscape, then enabling the 'share with portrait' option for those images in the Inspector.


    See: Publishing With iBooks Author


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    iBA 'Basic' template? Where's that?

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    In iBA, use the menu 'File/New From Template Chooser'...when that window opens, 'Basic' should be the first one on the list...

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    Thanks KT!

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    Thanks Fabe

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    Hi KT,


    I opened that Basic file and thanks for link to Publishing With iBooks Author


    1. You suggest "Remove the chapter label, leave the TOC blank"

    I don't see a place to remove the chapter label. So I deleted the chapter and lost chapter and section. So I added a section back. Are you suggesting that the chapter-less book be just one extended section?


    2. You write " Try drafting in landscape, then enabling the 'share with portrait' option for those images in the Inspector." I'm not finding that option in the inspector. I did insert an image an designate it a widget "illustration" gave it a title, margin and background. Is that what you meant?

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    I have been there, done that and tried it again.  I keep ending up with a gray page on the book. 

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    I created a children's picture book using the ipad app,  Book Creator. It was fairly easy and I also added interactive sound buttons. Designed the pages in Illustrator and Photoshop,  transferred to my ipad and added into the app. Here is a link to Cutest Book Ever on iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/cutest-book-ever!/id550927129?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo% 3D4

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    There is a brilliant picture book called "My Favourite Monsters" which has been created using ibooks author. It has only just become available on the ibookstore aswell and includes tons of interactive features which include having each page read out to you with the touch of a button, also loads of fun sounds for you and you're children to explore as you can touch each monster and they talk to you, its great. Not forgetting to mention the interactive games and drawing activities which are built directly into the book using ibooks author's amazing html widget! Honestly its a must buy and at the introductory price of just 99p, its a must have ibook especially if you have little ones between the ages of 6-12.


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    Hi, Fabe,

    I registered at box dot com but was unable to locate the file you cite above, http://www.box.com/files#/files/0/f/0/1/f_1594005539/0/comment


    Is there another way you can get this to me, perhaps via DrobBox or some similar file site?