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I just sold my iPad 2 on eBay and the buyer informed me the iPad won't charge saying she gets a charge not supported message. I charged the iPad with the exact charger I sent to her with the iPad before shipping and everything worked perfect. I reset and erased all settings before I shipped it. Is there anything in the settings that can effect this charging issue?

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    Is there anything in the settings that can effect this charging issue?



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    Yeah, the issue is on her end. That error message can pop up sometimes and it's usually nothing to do with the charger. If she doesn't resolve the issue be prepared for her to file a claim against you - and you'll probably lose unfortunately.

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    I had the same problem with my iPad 2; when I plugged it into the supplied 10W charger, it would not charge at all. I contacted Apple Support, and they believed it was a problem with the charge port on the iPad 2 itself. I sent it to Apple support for repair under the original limited 1 year warranty, and they couldn't fix the problem and sent a replacement iPad 2. There is nothing in the settings that can effect the charging issue at all, as Apple support stated to me, it could either be due to a flaw in the iPad 2's charging port, or an issue with the outlet the charger is connected to. In regards to the e-Bay purchasers problem; since everything worked normally as it should for you before you sold and shipped to the new owner, then there is no liability for you to the new owner. The new owner should contact Apple Support for info on the problem, and resolve the issue through them!

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    She's almost certainly plugged the iPad imto some USB port, and is getting the expected "Not Charging" message.

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    You have no idea how Ebay works. The seller can't prove that the device charged prior to selling and, according to the buyer, it doesn't meet the expections that have been set. Ebay almost always sides with the buyer in situations like this.

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    Agreed, I do know how eBay works actually. But the problem will basically be a he said/she said, so it will go through eBay's buyer protection policy, and yes, like you said, he will most likely be, in eBay's eyes, seller will be responsible for the product. But from the original info supplied by the poster, everything worked fine on his end before wiping the memory, and shipping to the buyer! So, rationally, it is something on the buyer's end that is the issue, (problem with the electrical outlet the 10W charger is plugged into, trying to charge on a computer's USB port which won't charge an iPad 2, or like my problem, something flawed with the charging port). So either he will have to refund the buyer, and have the iPad 2 returned, or the buyer can contact Apple Support for solutions. Hopefully the buyer will try different power cords and different outlets before reporting the buyer to eBay's buyer protection entity, because in common sense, which is always mostly absent, should save the seller from having to deal with the liability from eBay if there is truly nothing wrong with the iPad 2!!!