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I encrpyted my iphone 4s back up with a password in my laptop where the only ios device is the iphone in question. Someone plugged their ipod touch latest gen to my laptop to charge, however I fear that the person might have taken my backup. I am not too sure on how this works as this is my first iphone so please bear with me. The backup is encrypted with a password, so if the device is unrecognized, as it should be; and plugged into my laptop, will itunes let it take my backup or ask for the password before doing so?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    One device does not take a backup simply because it is plugged in.

    Plugging the device in only charges it.  It may sync, but this can be stopped.


    The only way the device would be restored from an existing backup is if the user chooses the "restore" option.  Since your backup is encrypted, this would require entering the password.


    So what happened to bring about this question other than someone else plugging in their iDevice?

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    I am not too familiar with the encryption in iTunes, compared to Android. Also because I have to dump my content into my laptop and then use iTunes to sync it, it leaves me in many vulnerable spots compared to an Android device I was using prior. The person that used my laptop to charge his ipod is also someone I don't trust honestly so I wanted to get some knowledge drop from the community to protect myself better. Thank you.