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Girlwinger Level 1 (0 points)

I just updated to the new iOS for the apple tv. Now since the update, my tv shows are now not in alphabetic order. They are in order I put them in to iTunes. I know there is a date, show and unwatched. But in show, they are still sorted by season but not in order.




Adventures of Superman season 1

Adventures of Superman season 2

American Pickers season 1

American Pickers season 3


Skip to the bottom of the list


Adventures of Superman season 4

Adventures of Superman season 3

American Pickers season 2

Adventures of Superman season 5


Before the update they was in all in order like they should be. I don't understand it. I called apple and got a message to leave a message and some one would call me back. No call back yet, but I know they are busy..


Anyway, does anyone know how I can sort the shows on the apple tv? Thanks in advance

Custom Built, Windows 7
  • pinata242 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this problem too, but on just one of my two ATV2s. Movies are sorted properly, just TV Shows are now sorted by some combination of added/watched/modified date. Since there's no direct search function on the device, it will make it difficult to find anything directly.


    I've tried restarting iTunes as well as rebooting the affected ATV, to no avail.

  • Semaj_in_Canada Level 1 (0 points)

    I updated my apple tv on the 8th (second gen apple tv), and the TV sort was ok. This morning I got around to updating iTunes on my Mac, and after the iTunes update (to iTunes 10.6 (40)) the shows went out of sync.


    Movies and such are ok, its just TV shows. I have found no logical sort order at all, it's totally random!

  • Girlwinger Level 1 (0 points)

    I just talked to Angela at apple support. She said that no changes have happened and that she's sorry that we think that we have a problem. Since nothing was changed, it's just our apple tv. She did say that I can return it or take it to a genuss bar and get another working one..  I told her she's crazy. This change happened right after the update and that I would like it fixed or atleast let them know they have a problem. I wish apple had a suggestion area or a bug reporting area so we all can let them know. It'd be nice if they would group all the tv shows so they would be like sub folders.



    Adventures of superman

         Season 1

         Season 2

         Season 3

    American Pickers

         Season 1

         Season 2

         Season 3



    Or even have a search option. I'd even go for just being able to have them in alphabetical order and when you start to scroll down, do a alphabet skip. Some way to look for a tv show or movie faster. But, as I have always been told..  Apple knows best. Don't question them or you will be taken out errr. cut out errr. You won't be welcome anymore..  Lol

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,643 points)

    Try adding in album and track information as if the series were a music album. See this thread for an example.


    Sign up for a free developer membership account at:


    and then you can post bug reports here:



  • Girlwinger Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried to change the album info before posting or calling apple. That didn't work. It was working ok before the updates.


    But thank you for the tip on setting up an account and the bug reports. I will do that right now..

  • StilesCrisis Level 1 (0 points)

    This is happening to me as well, and it's awful. I can't imagine it's intended.

  • pstodgel Level 1 (0 points)

    Hopefully Apple will read these posts and realize that it is on their end and not ours!  I am having the same problem as everyone else, and I am willing to bet that for everyone posting here, there are probably thousands more that are having the same problem!

  • Girlwinger Level 1 (0 points)

    I hope they fix this soon also.  I even tried going back to the old version of iTunes and also restore the apple tv. I now have the old way it looked and the same crazy sort. I really like apple stuff (when it works) and want to see improvements, but not steps back like this. I guess they have a method to their madness.. For the live of me, I don't understand, but atleast it is still working. Just takes 20 minutes to find the show I want to watch.. I might just hack it and use another interface with it. That, I have been told, is alot better then the apples interface. Even has search and sub folders.

  • trylak Level 1 (0 points)

    I have also seen this problem with the sort order of tv shows. music and movies seem to be unaffected. i only notice this on my apple tv. this started right after upgrading itunes to 10.6(40). I have looked at the info on the show that was first and the new first and all the same fields are filled out on allpages. I have tried reentering the data, but that didn't work. viewing through my ipod touch thins look ok. from my bac book running my itunes library the sort order looks fine as well.  this was happening on previous release on the atv2. I checked for updates nd did the upgrade to 5.0(4099) and still see the issue.

    my library is running on Lion 10.7.3.

  • skytek Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. Happened right after updating iTunes and atv2:

    Music, Movies, Podcast etc. are in correct order.

    TV Shows are listed in crazy sort order.

    Restarted both iTunes and apple TV no luck.


    iTunes 10.6 (40) on Lion 10.7.3 Server

    apple TV 2 (recent update)


    No alterations performed on my library during update. So this must be a side effect through new software version.

  • trylak Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, it is either a Lion issue or an iTunes 10.6 issue. I booted my Mac Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.7 and iTunes 10.5.3. when I choose that library on my ATV2 the sort order is fine. I have a 2nd ATV2 running 4.4.4 and the sort order is messed up on the itunes 10.6, but fine on the 10.5 release.


    I'm not going to update my SL to iTunes10.6 as I think that is the issue. not sure what was done in iTunes 10.6 to the ATV line, but there's definetly something wrong there. now to find an old 10.5 release I can load on my lion box to get it back to where it should.

  • Girlwinger Level 1 (0 points)

    It's in iTunes. I am running on pc and it messed up. I put the older iTunes back on the computer and it's still messed up. I shouldnt have updated everything..  Oh well..  I hacked my atv2 and put fire core on it and I am just using the network browse and it's working fine..  I'll just stick with it until I get a update to fix this issue.. 

  • VesperDEM Level 1 (0 points)

    @trylak, You are not running same firmware for your AppleTV that others here are.


    I also updated my Apple TV recently (after the keynote at Apple announcing the new iPad and Apple TV (3rd gens). I am currently running version 5.0 (4099).


    All other items in my other items, music, movies, etc... are sorted correctly. Just the TV Shows entry and just "By Show" and "Unwatched". By Date still sorts correctly by date.


    I have two computers that the Apple TV can see and both are exibiting this behavior.


    Prior to the update that brought my Apple TV to 5.0 (4099), the sort order in TV Shows were fine. Alphabetical in decending order grouped by show (multiple seasons were grouped together and in numerical order).


    Now shows seem randomly spaced in the list and not grouped by show. I find season 2 of Numb3rs above the rest with season 2 of Lost in Space followed then by season 1 of Numb3rs then season 3 of Numb3rs.


    Shows I have recently downloaded appear at the bottom of this list, but not always.


    As others have said, I find no decernable order to the list of shows now in both By Show and Unwatched.


    Is there anyone out there that knows how to report bugs to Apple? If so, please report this one.


    For now, anyone with an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad can use Apple's free Remote app to control their device and find shows in their TV Show section. It's a pain, but better than trying to find a season of a show in that jumbled list.

  • VesperDEM Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, Apple apparently does follow these forums, or has seen the bug themselves because the latest version of iTunes (10.6.1 (7)) fixes this problem. I have installed it on my Mac and sure enough, the Apple TV is now showing the correct sort order in the TV Shows section of My Computer.


    I'm actually a little surprised that the bug was something in iTunes. I really didn't see that one coming at all. I just wouldn't have thought that the list of items was generated on the computer and then sent to the Apple TV to display.


    Either way, the fix is out there and working.

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