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I use an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2 to access my exchange email at work (exchange 2003). I have never had any problem with that.

When the new iOS went out two days ago, I upgraded both devices : the iPhone via the full iTunes download. The iPad via the wifi integrated update directly in iOS.

Yesterday morning, I opened the mail app to get my mails, and I noticed that I could not see mails received after the upgrade. After that, over the course of the day, new emails received were sync'ed correctly on my iPad, but I still have the gap between the time I upgraded and the time I first opened mail after the upgrade.

I do not have this problem on the iPhone, although I may have used the mail app on the iPhone right after the iOS upgrade.

Anyway, I have tried to change the "mail days to sync" settings to kind of force a reload of the mails. I have tried desactivating the mail from the exchange account settings. Nothing worked.

Has anyone any idea how I can resolve the problem ?