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Hi everyone...


i got a macbook pro with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Google chrome 17.0.963.78 (the last version) as browser  (more faster then safari ...DEFENITELY )

i was watching into apple's web site, the new video about ipad 3... when i click on play, image of Quicktime appear in a middle of the window with the "?" on it.

i tried also to instal perian...but doesn't works anyway.


i tried to go in another website with page having quicktime... (i don't know if i can put the link of this website...)  and here is ok.


here where quicktime works ---->  http://web.me.com/efdme/giovenzano/home.html


here where doesn't works ---->   http://www.apple.com/it/ipad/#video



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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Hi again even if i'm answering to my own!!! ahahhaha




    After a lot of test to try to figure out from this stupid problem, finally i found something.



    I've reinstalled Snow leopard and i tried to go again into apple's web site to control if the movie works. and was ok.






    next day, i went at work (i'm a computer programmer)and from here (where we have restriction about proxy connection) i tried again the video... message appeared : "Plug-in quicktime is locked". at that point, i refreshed the page and the same image(as above) appear with "?"...

    when i saw that image,my expression was like--->



    after that, i was watching(into the same apple's web site) other movies and those works.





    i was very nervous and confuse until when i was looking into AMERICAN apple's web site, the same movie; and there works!






    i've understand there was some kind of problem with operation system's cache (not browser cache).



    i've cleaned it(with CleanMyMac)  and everything works again also the first page (italian) with the "?".






    If you have Quicktime.plugin into library folder, it's a problem about cache. clean it and u'll see everything will be ok again


    Hi folks and sorry for my english