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Since my upgrade from iOS 5.01 to 5.1 (7 march) the ipad2 and iphone 3GS as well as iPhone 4,caused all of my  iOS devices to lost its function to find the AirPrinter.  Wireless printing from the iMac or MacBooks works perfectly.

My printer is the HP photosmart all in one - model C310a .

I did contacted HP support - great support from Kyle .... But no results.  Anybody experiencing similar issues?


Cheers - Max

iPad 2, iOS 5.1, HP Photosmart All in One C310a
  • Phil Kauffman Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with a different HP printer.  It was working fine on iOS 5.0.  Don't ya just love it when they break things?

  • pjl123 Level 5 Level 5

    I upgraded yesterday with no issues.  First thing I tried was a print job.  So they haven't broken anything.  I thing your pad just lost its way.     Reboot the pad, the router and the printer.  And on the pad, reset network settings.  I'm thinking it will return to life.

  • dr. zsolt Level 1 Level 1

    Hi pjl123,


    That is encouraging news!

    I followed the instruction routines of the HP support and even resetted the router and iPad2.  The final test of the sales logic applied is that the AirPrinter concept must just work without any router or computer. The airprinter broadcasts its 'airprint' signal and should be found by the ios devices (bonjour scanner app - confirms that the signal is in tact) 


    The iPad and compatible airprinter does not need anything other then firmware that supports a broadcasting signal for the iPad to read... the HP c310a . Or do I have it all wrong? I stand to be corrected.

    Because the iPad changed its firmware, consequentially, in my humble opinion, is that the upgrade created the change and not the previously working airprinter.  I tried even selecting the printer's bonjour signal from my iOS 5.1 devices - hence- the Ipad sees the airprinter's bonjour signal but cannot connect... 


    Here is my frustration: using the words of late Steve Jobs 'it just works' before the change.

    By the way, all my hardware products in our home are Apple products , except the printer...  and my iWife.


    What printer, make and model  do you use? Because that would be my next product.


    Cheers - Max

  • dr. zsolt Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Phil,


    I thought I would be the only one.


    Cheers - Max

  • pjl123 Level 5 Level 5

    I am using an hp as well.  Have a pad 2 updated, 4s phone updated, and a 4 phone, not updated, and they all continue to find the printer.  If you have multiple devices that cannot find the printer, it sounds like a router or printer issue.  Anything else change? 


    Please tell me you have already rebooted the printer as well as the router:).  


    You mention that it should work with no router. That is called ad hoc mode, and some hps support that, some don't.  From what I read, to enable ad hac mode you need to change some settings, and your printer will not work for other devices.  It is sort of an either or deal.  If you have a router, and you have been using AirPrint successfully in the past, then it should work again.


    Reboot everything you own, bring them back router, then printer, then pad, then pop a beer, go to bed.  It will work in the morning.  Maybe.

  • dr. zsolt Level 1 Level 1

    Hi pjl123,


    You made me think very hard and do the following.


    I took all my routers, bridges and repeaters off my network and reseted them individually. Reconfigured them each under the latest firmware (they were already on the latest version) and created 1-on-1 connections:

    Example: apple airbase extreme with hp printer, apple time machine with hp printer, apple express with hp printer. I used the standard settings.

    They were configured exactly the same and produced the same result: ipad and iPhone could not find the hp printer c310a.


    The one thing that I enjoyed was your advice about the beer... But it sadly didn't work.


    I try now praying! ;-) and hope that Apple is addressing the matter.

  • dawiese Level 1 Level 1

    No beer in the fridge, doooouuuu! 


    Apple nubie here.  Bought my iPhone 4s four days ago...  I now understand. 


    Now my wife is thinking about getting one too, BUT, only if I can get our phones to print  to a wireless printer.  So, I have a quagmire. 


    I was at Best Buy today looking at airPrint capable printers.  Wipped out the 4s and nothing showed up when I tried to print a picture.  The sales girl (quite familiar with iPhones,iPads, etc...)  knew there was more than one printer on display, powered up, and ready to receive.  Another sales person brought over her iPad and showed all the active airPrint printers.  There must have been 7 or 8 in her list, yet my iPhone couldn't see any. 


    Only when I connected to "hpsetup" wireless network (there were other networks in the list) could it print.  After the connect only one airPrint capable printer was found on my iPhone.  So I'm thinking that all these wireless networks were the printers themselves and I picked the one that was named "hpsetup". It just happened to be an HP DeskJet 6800. 


    So now I'm thinking, since I already have a wireless network in my home, I can buy the cheapest hard-wire network B&W laser printer I can find and plug it into the back of my router.  Am I thinking clearly, or is there a glaring error in my reasoning?



  • dr. zsolt Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Dawiese,


    In principle, your iPhone/iPad can only see AirPrinters that are connected to the wireless network. Using Apple's  Bonjour protocol ( a language for having Apple devices talking to one another) It makes sense to keep airprinter wireless. That is the whole purpose of the AirPrinter story - for Apple mobile devices to print to.


    I have some of my old Epson printers attached directly to the router (via USB and Ethernet), however, the iPhone applications with print functions do redirect the print job to the AirPrinter, using Apple's Bonjour....


    The question should be: which third-party app on your iPhone  does reroute those print jobs to wired printers - irrespective of it being an AirPrinter?


    I am keen to hear from others what software will do the trick - then one could say Good Bye to Bonjour:)


    Cheers !