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I was under the impression thatiCloud.com is supossed to store or backup my iTunes music.  it was even confirmed with the latest update in iTunes when it listed the recent changes.  When I log into icloud.com, all I see are mail, contacts, calendar, find my phone and iWorks.  Where's my music??

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    iCloud doesn't store your music and there is no way to "see" your music online.

    iTunes Match ($25 a year) is what you may be thinking about.

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    Well, according to the latest update in iTunes:  "Addresses an issue where songs may skip when playing from iCloud".  i interpreted that to mean iCloud backs up your music and you can also play your music from iCloud.com



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    iTunes in the Cloud, is not the same thing as the iCloud you are familiar with on iCloud.com.  It is quite unfortunate for many users that the naming convention is so similar, which causes a bit of confusion.


    You can still download from the Cloud, without having ever signed up for an iCloud account.

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    Ok, so now I am confused.  Storing music on "The Cloud" is something different than "iCloud"?? 

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    The iTunes 'cloud' facilities are quite separate from iCloud and don't even have to have the samew login.


    'iTunes in the Cloud' enables you to download songs (and now movies) purchased on one of your devices onto any other of your devices. This comes at no cost as it doesn't occupy any further server space (the songs already being there - you can't do this with songs which have been removed from the Store).


    'iTunes Match' enables you to upload songs you've obtained from other sources to the server, so that they can be downloaded to other devices. This costs $24.99/£21.99 per year, limit 25,000 songs (purchases do not count towards this limit). This is not part of the 5GB free storage in iCloud.


    You do all this in iTunes, not in iCloud.