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I'm really new to spreadsheets and I just want to make a basic layout that will let me enter amounts across and down and then automactically add them all up.
I've made a spreadsheet that works (9 coloums wide by 30 rows high) but if I use more than 30 rows the calculation doe's not work.

A message saying the fomular is incorrect or the fomular it self appears.

I'm only entering small numbers (less than 10) into each cell so the total is never very big, but I really need to be able to add up about 50 rows.

thanks in advance for any help.

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    I am quite sure that you are using a formula like:

    =A1A2+A3+A4A5… which when you reach about 30 cell references will fill the formula buffer.

    The correct way to do what you want is to use the function named SUM().

    Theformula will look something like:


    It would perhaps be helpful to search in the Help for the keyword: "functions"

    You will get the list of the numerous functions available and the calling syntax.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE samedi 25 février 2006 19:25:33)
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    You may have missed the autosum button. Look at the button bar for an odd looking "E" (or sigma). Highlight a row or column of cells. The last cell must be blank since that's where the results will be. When you highlight that last cell you'll see how the sum formula looks and works.
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    Thanks alot. I knew it must be me doing something wrong
    but Applehelp didn't seem to have the answers. I could have saved a lot of hair if I'd tried here first!
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    AW6 is less than intuitive in spots. There are "fly over" tooltips for the various buttons but few folks hover over a button long enough for the information to pop up. The Help files have not been updated in ages. These forums are brilliant since just about anything that can be done with this program, has been done. Despite it's age and quirks AW is an amazing program. Few programs, if any, provide so much function in so small a package.