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  • antonzz Level 1 Level 1

    this really worked now my speaker and earpiece work fine!

  • Moneyzoom Level 1 Level 1


    1) Jailbreak


    2) Download and install 'iExplorer' (link below). It's available for both Mac and PC



    3) Connect iPhone to your PC/Mac and run iExplorer


    4) Within iExplorer, on the left column navigate to System / Library / LaunchDaemons


    5) Within the right column find '', right click then select delete


    6) Close iExplorer and reboot the iPhone


    7) Enjoy sounds again on your iPhone!

  • zverko Level 1 Level 1



    I have just had the same problem. From nowhere iPhone 4 just stoped playing sound in youtube, music, movies etc... When i clicked volume bar +/- there was Ringer icon but without those little cubes. Ofcourse i have checked if iPhone was on mute. It was not.


    Then, i read all forum threads, cleaned dock with toothbrush, cleaned headphones jack, nothing!


    I even restored it, sound came back for 2 minutes and then disapered again.


    One and only resolution for this problem was for me to take it to the third party service. they said the whole dock connector with flat cable and microphone was dead, because of water (moisture). So, they replaced it with a new part (around 40 eurs, 50 dolars) and now it workes as new.


    So, its not a software problem, its hardware


    p.s. those who live in USA or any place where is Apple, just take it back and they will replace it with a brend new iPhone, because they do not know what the problem is (?!)


    All the best,




    p.s.s. this is how the part looks like (dock, microphone and flat cable):


  • rodythegreat Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, you are absolutely right, when I went to the store they just said it is my headphone problem, coz its hard to reproduce and show them. Now I know how and I will show them!!! Anyway, Apple should fix it ASAP, this problem has been almost a year already!!! I have been using Apple product since 2004. It used to be good support and services, and care about customer. Now, since it is popular they don't care and give a **** to a few hundreds complains anymore coz they have million customers didn't complain

  • Clandry63 Level 1 Level 1

    Had no sound issue with my husband's Iphone 4s. After checking settings, volume and rebooting I discovered that his bluetooth ear piece was on. Duh!  Turned it off and all sounds are back. Pretty simple fix.

  • Terrijordan Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issues - tried doing some of the things that were listed here bluetooth was on so I shut it off and still no sound, I have sound when I make calls and put them on speaker, but I have no sounds when touching buttons or getting incoming texts etc.  No sound on my videos which is annoying me.  Going to visit the AT&T store where I purchased the phone in Dec.  then the Apple store which is in the same mall, there better be a solution or it isn't going to be pretty - will post the outcome.

  • markemu Level 1 Level 1

    That worked for me with the wife's phone too ! Tried all the re- boots but shied away from full restore. Blew the bottom connector port with the hair drier and HEY PRESTO  it all worked again. It rained pretty hard today. My phone is protected in a Griffin Survivor case and so never gets wet so I think that's where the problem lies. Some kind of external pollutant causing a problem to the port

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    Guyz..!I was also facing the same problem,then i searched for solution nd as zervko said it was happened bacause of moisture..!



    u will feel weird answer/solution bt its worked,


    I cleaned with air compressior nd kept it in sunlight for 20-25 min..!

    then I restarted my phone..!


    guyz its started working..!



  • Lulut Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem too!! It worked for me the trick with the brush but now i'm having the same issue again !!! Such a pitty that we paye lots of money and nobody care's to fix the bug!!! I dont know what to do cause i dont wanna pay extra to fix the issue ...not after  only 10 months of usage...:((  so so disappointed!!!

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    Please try cleaning the docking connector.

    Turn off first.

    Clean with a pipe cleaner (thin end) dipped in vodka. This will clean the side with the larger space. I then used a folded up piece of paper for the other smaller side. Push to the edges and then clean the corners, these are important too.


    No need to replace anything

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    Thank you!  That was my problem, too!  Duh!  

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    This is my first post,my iphone 4s audio went dead so i google a few times and found this to be the answer.This should work on all iphones 3gs,4,4s,5 jailbroken or not doesn"t matter.

    Method 1:

    Try to clean your iPhone charging port and headphone jack using a q-tip,tolite paper with a clean dry toothbrush or something small enought to fit.if needed add isopropyl alcohol on the q-tip.


    Method 2:


    Try to use your head Phone speakers if it works well so your iPhone is probably not damaged.

    This issue may be caused by the headphone jack sensor being stuck due to some dust on the sensor.


    All you have to do is to play any music or something and insert the headphones in and out several times this will solve it.

    Hope it help most of you with no sound or audio.

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    Hi i dont know if you have sorted your phone but just sorted mine by have

    1 phone on slide to unlock

    2 press and hold + and - at same time now press on button

    3 slide to unlock

    started to work straight away.

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    Thank U man u a beast My sound work'S again on my 4s +++Respect

  • MooMu Level 1 Level 1

    Brilliant! Easiest instructions, worked straight off. Thank you!! Have been searching for days