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muhammadtayel Level 1 (5 points)

i think we all apple´s lovers have heard about the new operating system ( mountain lion), and the features are many, messages, reminders, notes, notification center, gatekeeper, game center and a lot of tweeter apps.

but all those futures are just apps!! i think,

no need for a new operating system for a few programs, an update would have been enough, mac os 10.7.2 to mac os 10.7.3.

or just put the programs or apps (mesagges, notes...) in the appstore.

i mean, look at the difference between snow leopard to lion, the features was soooo huge, lion is much grater, the launchpad!!! is a big difference! and apple says that between snow leopard and lion theres over 250 new features.

i know that mountain lion is new, and its being improving yet, and is goin to be much grater. but does it worth?

and the latest stable release was just on 1 february, 37 days!!!! unbelievable!! lion is so new, and is going to be replaced so quickly? just a few months for few apps?

i love apple products, but i really want a huge difference between lion and mountain lion, like snow leopard and lion!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • muhammadtayel Level 1 (5 points)

    i even dont have tweeter, and many people either, soo, many of us doesnt care about those changes

  • BobHarris Level 6 (16,990 points)

    Since we do not know the price, it is difficult to estimate worth.


    Also it is not necessary to upgrade.  I'm still running one system with 10.5. three systems on 10.6, and my wife has a 10.4 system still running.  I only have 1 10.7 system, and that has only been since late November.


    I other words, there is not need to rush out and upgrade just because Apple releases a new version.


    If you decide you must have the new app related features, then consider the OS upgrade price the cost of buying those new app features.


    Now from my perspective, a new OS release that has fewer changes is more likely to be stable when it is shipped, then one that has a ton of new features where very few people have used the full set before it is released (beta testing is not the same as letting millions of customers have at it).


    So for me.  Smaller OS updates with fewer OS chagnes (even if you and I cannot see what those changes are) is better.