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I am trying to communicate with my bf, who just moved to belgium. We both have iBook G4s, and used iSight when he was in temporary business house.

He's now moved into his own place, and started an internet service, and they said it would be sufficient to support the iSight (4Mbps download speed, 256 kb upload speed). However, we haven't been able to use iSight (let alone talk using iChat). Whenever he tries calling me, I receive notification and accept, and we receive notification that "disconnected from video chat because: there is insufficient bandwidth to maintain the connection".

When I try calling him, it says, "failed to start videochat because he didnt respond". What's going on? DOes he really need to upgrade his internet connection speed, or is something about his internet just not compatible with isight?

please help...:)! thanks so much..

ibook g4, Mac OS X (10.4.5)