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So I just purchased keynote for the iPad with hopes to use it in a class I am teaching in a few days.  I do not have keynote on my computer but am using powerpoint and everything transfered over to the ipad and is working in keynote.  However, when connecting my ipad to a TV or projector, I am only seeing what appears to be a 4:3 aspect ratio and it is not filling the whole screen (16:9 aspect ratio).  I did create the presentation using the 16:9 ratio though.  I originally thought it may be a conversion from powerpoint issue, so I then created a quick testing presentation inside keynote (remember I only have keynote on the ipad and not on my computer), and it still displayed in the 4:3 ratio.  Is there any way to fix this and display my presentaion on the whole screen?   

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    I have this question too and have been an Apple devotee for years. I have been trying for two months and am trying to switch our congreation over from paper bulletins to wide screens in the church, but I need to get the aspect ration to work. I am sing the ipad with an apple tv in order to show the screens, but it won't work because of the 4:3 ratio. Help!

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    these posts are in the wrong forum-this is   Keynote for Mac

    youl get a responce in the iOS discussion group