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I just bought a new iMac and I am trying to set it up.  I first tried to migrate my information from my macbook to my imac and it was taking too long.  Estimated time was 46-hours.  So, I quit that and continued on with the set up.  I am at the registration information screen and I have filled all my information out but it won't let me continue.  The continue button is stilled greyed out.  How do I continue???

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    It sounds like you haven't filled out one of the tabs or entries properly? Is there a "Back" button?


    I suggest, if possible, that you go back and do the migration. The time remaining estimates are often outrageous looking but they come down quickly and it usually takes 1-3 hours for 100 to 200 GB migrating over. I remember seeing estimates of 50 hours remaining but it really took ~ 2 hrs. are you doing this through USB or Firewire?

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    I ended up having to do a commond + Q to get out of the screen.  The back button didn't lead you anywhere usual.  I had to shut down and start all over without migrating my data.  That worked and I was able to get all the way through registration.  I will have to try to migrating my data at a different time.  I may have to purchase a transfer cable instead of relying on my wifi.  My macbook is over 5 years old so the software may be too outdated for the wireless migration to work.


    Thanks for your help and reply.