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I keep getting pop-ups, saying , "iCal (Mail) can't log into your "Yahoo!" account because your password may be incorrect. The password may have been entered incorrectly, Reenter the password for account "Yahoo!" on the CalDAV server "caldav.calendar.yahoo.com".  


In both cases, I click cancel, because I don't know why iCal and Mail should need to log into my Yahoo account. I click "cancel", and the box goes away, but within a couple minutes it is back.  Should I be concerned that it is asking for a password?  I don't remember installing CalDAV, except that from another question I saw here, it may have been installed when I changed from "MobileMe" to iCloud". My MobileMe/iCloud account isn't due to renew until June. I recently got an email telling me that MobileMe will shortly be shut down, and I needed to switch to iCloud. My understanding is that iCloud is really for mobile devices. I don't ahave any mobile devices and don't plan to get any. All I need is the iMac desktop, that I am currently using. I don't use a cell phone very often, so am using a TracFone for emergenies only while I am on the road.


I recently had a problem with MacKeeper jumping onto my Safari browser, when it appeared, as an ad in the sidebar of my Yahoo mail account. I was clicking to close my mail account, so my husband could log into his mail account, and all of a sudden, MacKeeper had opened a tab and hijacked my Safari browser. The only option to unlock my browser, was to click the OK button. There was no "x" or "cancel" button. I couldn't Force Quit or change Safari Preferences either, as several people suggested.


I have never been interested in "cleaner" apps (like MacKeeper), because I have heard that more often than not, these apps hide "stroke counting" codes in your computer, so they can steal passwords and do marketing. Therefore, there was no possibility that I clicked on the ad. I am positive my curser was on the upper left of the screen to logout, of Yahoo! Mail. Before clicking on OK, I installed an anti-virus app, to clean any viruses off my computuer and protect it from outside apps. (Although, I am not convinced they actually do that.)  When I finally did click on OK, the MacKeeper website changed, and the short web address instantly changed to a long line of letters, numbers and sympols. I tried to click the "x" on the tab, to close the page, but it took three attempts to get it to close.


I am concerned that when MacKeeper hijacked my browser, it also installed codes, and may be using such pop-ups, as the CalDAV pop-up, to steal my passwords and access my accounts.


Call me paranoid, if you want, but I have talked to plenty of people, who don't think I am paranoid. They agree that MacKeeper shouldn't have hijacked my browser like it did, and may have hidden codes.


Since I only use the new iCloud, to access my Mail and iCal on my desktop iMac, do I really need CalDAV?  I have looked on Finder and don't see CalDAV on the App list. Is there a way to uninstall or delete CalDAV without affecting my ability to use Mail and iCal on my Mac.  Also, could someone tell me why CalDAV would need to access my Yahoo account?  I did have it set up to show my Yahoo Mal on the same page as my .me.com mail, but deleted that function, as it was a pain to have it showing up in two places. In the end, it was easier to read and delete Yahoo messages, on the Yahoo Mail page. If it isn't possible or would compromise my ability to use iCal and Mail, is there a way that I can stop it from asking for my password?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Before clicking on OK, I installed an anti-virus app, to clean any viruses off my computuer and protect it from outside apps. (Although, I am not convinced they actually do that.) 


    Your skepticism is justified. Do not install such junk on a Mac. As you have discovered, doing so will only result in wasted time and misery. If you actually installed MacKeeper, search the Discussions for methods to eradicate it. I hope you didn't make any plans for the weekend.


    Whatever anti-virus app you installed, get rid of it. There are no viruses known to infect OS X, therefore there were none to eradicate, and there was no possible benefit to using it.


    General malware is another story. MacKeeper is a prominent example.

    I am concerned that when MacKeeper hijacked my browser, it also installed codes, and may be using such pop-ups, as the CalDAV pop-up, to steal my passwords and access my accounts.


    Possible, though unlikely. Reset Safari from the Safari menu. Then, open Safari Preferences, open the Privacy pane, and click "Remove all website data". See if that make a difference.


    If you are not using Yahoo mail then I would be very skeptical about any such requests. Yahoo is one of the most spam-prone webmail services. They have recently come a long way toward making it less so, but I'd still avoid it.


    Given the uncertainly of once having installed MacKeeper, and the difficulty involved in eradicating it completely, it is hard to say if resetting Safari in this manner will fix the problem.


    The good news is that your healthy skepticism likely prevented you from divulging any personal information. If you are still concerned, now would be a good time to change whatever passwords you have been using.


    There was no "x" or "cancel" button. I couldn't Force Quit or change Safari Preferences either, as several people suggested.


    Some such pop-ups are very tenacious. That alone is a clue that something is untrustworthy. In the future, simply quit Safari - force quit if necessary - and start it again while holding a Shift key. This will cause Safari to reopen with a blank page.

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    To check for the presence of MacKeeper files, try this;


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    Both replyers jumped quickly to the malware part of the question, but no-one has answered the part about CalDav, which I too have concerns about. I know it's not malware and I know it's what is associated with Apple's emailing etc. As a complete niaive, however, my question is - how does CalDAV work with regard to what I want to do with my calendar - ie: I want to have just one calendar, reflected across Entourage, Outlook, iCal and in what used to be my mobile me account which i understand is now iCloud. So whichever of these apps or 'clients' i use - I get no duplicate events - just a single set of events that are the same whichever calendar form I use to gain entry. I would like it so that i can enter things either from iCal or from Entourage, with confidence that all the 'client calendars' will look the same, without duplicating events (or even quadrupling them sometimes). I know it's all about set up and syncing, but i really need some help as I don't understand what I am or should be switching on or off. I'm completely lost and finding that as fast as I plug a problem or a hole in one calendar client, problems appear in one or more of the others.

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    CALdev is trying to sync up calendars/reminders from your different email accounts. If you don't use Yahoo, Google or other calendars you can turn them off in your iPhone. Here's how:

    Tap: Settings

    Tap: Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    Look at each email account in the list. Under each account name it will list what is turned on for each account.



    Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders

    If you only want your Mail and Contacts to show up from Yahoo!, tap on Yahoo! and turn off Calendars and Reminders.

    You will be asked if you really want to Delete these. Tap Delete.


    That should stop the pop-up about the Password.


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    Yahoo Support


    ...Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Calendar.


    I understand you are getting the error message and stopped the sync your
    new Yahoo! calendar with the iPhone/iPad. I aopo


    If you recently upgraded the operating system on your iDevice (iPhone,
    iPad, iPod Touch) such as with the recent release of iOS 5 software for
    Apple iDevices that could be the cause of the syncing issues.


    You can delete the Yahoo! account from your Apple iDevice and recreate
    it, forcing a new sync, which should bring all your information over
    from Yahoo! Calendar.


    Please note that CalDAV accounts are no longer needed on your iDevice to
    sync with Yahoo! Calendar and you may delete the CalDAV account if you
    have it set up on your iDevice. If you have a CalDAV account set up and
    do not delete it from your iDevice, you risk getting duplicate calendar
    layers & events on your iDevice and in Yahoo! Calendar.


    To remove your Yahoo! Calendar CalDAV account from your iDevice:


    1. Go to

    6 months ago

    2. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars."


    3. Tap "Yahoo! - Calendars, Reminders."


    4. Tap "Delete Account", Confirm deletion by tapping "Delete Account"
    once again.


    How to sync your Yahoo! Calendar and Yahoo! Address Book with your
    iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)


    1. Go to your iDevice's "Settings" application.


    2. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"


    3. Tap "Add Account" and then tap "Yahoo!". You may already have a
    "Yahoo!" Mail, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes account set up; if so just
    tap it under the accounts section.


    4. Enter your Name, Yahoo! E-Mail address & Password. You do not need to
    change anything in the "Description" field unless you wish to. Tap the
    "Next" button, upper right hand corner, when you have entered the
    information and Yahoo! will verify your account information.


    5.  Click the "Save" button in the upper right hand corner


    6. Still in th

    6 months ago

    6. Still in the settings for "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", set the "Fetch
    New Data" to every 15 minutes or whatever time increment you desire, you
    may leave the "Push" setting on or turn it off, it is not relevant to
    Yahoo!'s services.


    7. To ensure proper syncing between your iDevice's Calendar and Yahoo!
    Calendar, please make sure the "Default Account" account is set to one
    of your Yahoo! Calendar Layers from Yahoo! Calendar in "Calendars" found
    towards the bottom of the settings for "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars".
    It defaults to iCloud and if not changed to one of your calendar layers
    from Yahoo! Calendar, syncing will not work.


    8. You can come back to Yahoo! Mail, Contacts, Reminders, Notes to
    disable syncing for all or specific Yahoo! Services or to delete your
    Yahoo! Account from your Apple iDevice.


    I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and let me address
    this for you.

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    Hi Jrichcu - I really hope you can help me!  This is driving me crazy, and I keep doing searches but I can't find any help!!!!  When I try to sign in to my yahoo account on my MacBook Pro (there only seems to be help offered on iPhones/iPads!) it offers me, via CalDav(?) an old email address that I don't use any more and haven't used for a long time - I don't understand why it's doing this?!!!!!  I want to switch CalDav off - I've noticed when I click on it, it fills my password!  I sometimes let friends use my MacBook - I don't want them to have access to my emails!  Even if it was one I used!!!!  I HOPE you can help!


    KINDEST regards, Rachel

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    I think you could do with asking Politely & not shouting your Question across the Forum.

    ( CAPS is considered shouting just in case you didn't know this )


    You can't go around claiming someone is ignoring you Pal, they may just never seen your Question or just real busy & forgot.

    Please follow Johns Link he kindly put up for you if you still have issue's.


    Writing an effective Apple Support Communities question