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I cannot get itunes to download on my pc

iPhone 4S
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    Downloading of iTunes issues on Windows are most commonly related to security, firewall or anti-virus software blocking access. Disable them and try downloading again.

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    I have done all that and it still wont download for me. Getting to talk to anyone at itunes is almost impossible and now they want me to buy a service plan for $70 just to help me download their crap on my pc so i can use itunes on my phone. I am at the point now where they can take their POS and shove it up their collective bums. Anyone should be able to download itunes and just because you own an iphone you shouldnt be made to buy a service plan. What if I only had a cheap ipod shuffle? would I still have to buy a service plan costing more than the shuffle does? I guess i go verizon next time and ditch iphone-itunes-and at&t.

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    Good luck. Buy.

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    I have the same problem yesterday and today (10/03/2012).


    You click the download button and the page switches to "thankyou for downloading iTunes" but nothing happens (using both Safari and Firefox) (on a Macbook running 10.6.8).

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    I spent a half hour on hold waiting to talk to a tech from itunes and he spent the better part of an hour trying to convince me that it was my pc that has the problem and that they could do nothing until I contacted my pc maker and had them diagnose the problem. I checked with them and they said my pc was fine that if I went to other websites with no problems and downloaded files from other sites with no problems then it was a server issue with itunes, which is exactly what I told the tech from itunes. The moron went as far to tell me that maybe my pc didnt meet the requirements to run itunes but the idiot wasnt listening when I told him I had itunes running on it last week. The idiot told me that maybe I need to update my vista but again he wasnt listening when I told him that I just wiped my HD and reloaded and updated all my drivers and itunes was the last and only program I didnt have downloaded and the only one giving me problems. My daughter put the file from her laptop on a flash drive and then i downloaded it to my pc and now it all runs fine. I would like to find the tech that was so rude to me last nite and slap him silly. I cant believe they expected me to pay $70 for a service plan just so they could have a tech tell me how to fix this issue, it is probably a big scam from apple, they shut down the download so they can sell a bunch of service plans to people with more money than brains.

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    I have been trying the same thing for the last two days and it's driving me crazy so I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I run Windows 7 32-bit.  After iTunes relabelling all my desktop icons as its own i had to uninstall iTunes and all the Apple components recommended by the support website in their recommended order (including checking for any remaining presence in the Program and System folders).  Then it wouldn't reinstall.  Like you, I get the Thank you for Downloading web page, but it's not there in the download folder.  Nor do I get a dialog box asking me if I want to run it.   I have tried through both Explorer and Chrome.  Explorer gives me some wierd little message about the DNS server being down, but it's not.  I have been able to dowload other programs and pdfs in the past couple of days as tests.  I have even been able to download Bonjour from the Apple site and got quite excited when I saw the dialog box appear and it downloaded and installed perfectly.  Not so Quicktime or iTunes.  When we try to download it on my daughter's Mac (which has it already) the same thing happens so I'm presuming the website sees some iTunes remnants on my machine that I can't find.  Next step is to see if I can copy it onto a flashdrive from my other daughter's PC and install that.  Sigh.

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    Hi Everyone, so happy I found this, I am having the same problem.  I have 2 PC's my old one and the one I just bought a couple of days ago.  I tried to update my old PC, that has the old version of itunes, to the 10.6 so I could push all my music to icloud and then wanted to download itunes 10.6 onto my new PC so I could transfer my music from icloud to the new one and both computers gave me the same problem you are all having.  I called apple and the advisor was very happy to help me, as a matter of fact helped try to fix it a couple of different ways but known worked-he suggested maybe it is an internet setting since both computers were responding the same way to the download? Any thoughts on that anyone?

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    I am also having this problem. Im using windows 7 64-bit and i downloaded the 64-bit version of iTunes but i keep receiving this error message;


    Can anyone help me?

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    The only idea I can give you is to do what I did as that was the only thing that worked, I wouldnt waste my time with itunes techs ever again. Find someone that has the current version of itunes on their pc and download it to a flash drive and then transfer to your pc. may seem like a pain but I think its better than chasing problems with your computer that dont exist. I too was getting a DNSERROR message and had a little window that popped up that said the address I was looking for didnt exist. I looked up DNS errors and and basically if you get this alot it is something in your computer or router, if you only get this from one website it is something with that sites servers. I only had problems with itunes so do the math. Now the tech said if there were any old parts of the itunes files on my pc that could keep it from downloading but I had a freshly wiped hard drive so I had no itunes info on it at all and still had issues from the itunes site. If you get the info on a flash drive I would wipe all itunes stuff from the pc before I loaded the new program. This is such a pain for something that should be so painless.

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    Thanks for the suggestions all.  Yes, the only thing that worked was to wipe all iTunes and copy the application from a flashdrive which had the current version loaded from another PC. Minor point was that to run iTunes it needed Apple Application Support which was also missing.  I got around this by downloading the Apple Updating software (which quite happily downloaded from the Apple site, mmm), then running it.  It reinstalled all the stuff the iTunes application needed to run.  With great relief it all went well until all my desktop icons turned into iTunes shortcuts.  Maybe a different or related problem.  Was almost going to have a little cry into the bathtowels when I decided to do a registry fix and voila, all is well again.  There is most definitely something strange about the current download of the current iTunes version into PCs, so good luck to those still struggling.

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    Hi, ï had the same problem. I downloaded the last verson, the 9,2,1 here http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1056

    At least i have Itunes now

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    Thank you for that link! I had tried to download iTunes for 64b Win 7 maybe 5 or 6 times in Firefox, with the same result as mentioned above: Nothing and just a useless thank you message.

    Then I tried with Internet Explorer, and after a few reloads of the page, it worked.

    But I don't trust that version, after reading this thread. So I will go with the older version.


    I'm seriously thinking of switching out my iPad for something else. Apple are slowly losing it, or they are just arrogant.