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    It's always possible for an individual tech to behave dishonestly, although there would be little incentive for an Apple tech to do so.  They don't get any kind of commission on repairs.  There's certainly no reason to believe that Apple would set such a policy of faking those results to dodge a warranty.  They're not exactly hurting for cash, to make them want to cut corners every place they can, and it would be extraordinarily stupid, as the moisture sensors aren't exactly a secret.  It wouldn't take much effort to verify Apple's findings.


    I'd be more prone to be suspicious of a college student who insists the machine has never been spilled on.  I've seen what goes on in college dorms and apartments.  Unless you're wealthy enough to be able to live without a roommate, unpopular enough that nobody ever comes over and responsible enough not to spill on it yourself, there's simply no way to guarantee such things about a laptop taken to college.

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    marc_ny wrote:


    That's some really good points, and things to know to protect your computer.  Including them in the little owner's booklet that comes with the computer would be helpful.

    We've had a very mild winter here in the midwest, but taking a computer outside in a protective bag or attache case walking from class to class or commuting back and forth to work, and then turning it on inside warm buildings is a pretty common practice.  If a laptop isn't made for this type of use, or if protective measures need to be taken, don't you think the customer should be made aware of this?

    This isn't common knowledge unless apparently you are a pro photographer.  How about warnings and best practices?

    The best practices are to really if you are going from a cold invironment to warm and you want to use the computer, best thing to do is really let it sit in the warm for a while to warm up.  Then if any moisture does tend to get there, it can dissipate before the electronics get affected by it.  Unfortunately there isn't really a whole lot to keep the moisture from getting there in the first place, but one of the biggest effects is like was stated that when the computer gets turned on right away, the fan is going to take that air and start blowing it all around which is going to cause more moisture to start showing up right away.  Keep in mind that the instant the computer turns on it starts to generate heat, INSTANTLY, the processor will heat up to temperatures that without a cooling device would cause it to get too hot that it would burn up within seconds of turning it on.  This is why you need to really let it get to room temperature before turning it on.  When it is cold from being outside and then instantly gets hot, that is going to for sure create humidity and can cause problems.  The computer is able to handle these situations for the most part, but there isn't really anything that can be done by anyone to assure it isn't ever going to happen.  Just precautions that need to be taken to get things where this always going on.  Not saying that this is for sure what happened to your computer, and that you don't take care of it.  Obvisouly you do or you wouldn't have been so surprised when they told you this information.  I would just have them show me the damage...If they are going to tell me that it is damaged due to liquid, then they need to be able to show me how they came to that conclusion and then we would have a long discussion as to how this could have happened and then what kind of things I could do to correct it.  Then I would make sure it doesn't happen again and take it as an expensive mistake.  At the same time, have them show me what is done by them to prevent these kind of things and if there isn't anything there to prevent it show me how that could be my responsibility and if there is make them prove to me that they didn't fail.

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    An update on my earlier post.  Retrieving the machine from the Apple store, the damage was apparent.  There was pooling and drying of something sticky in the bottom of the case and some chips on the main board were corroded.  Clearly someone did spill on this machine.

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    I just came from the Apple store. Initially when my computer crashed and I was told there was no water damage and my logic board would be replaced within 3-5 days (the Genuis even commented that it was clear I take good care of my machine). I waited 10 days for repair without notification, then called Apple, and heard back soon after they would not honor my warranty. I NEVER spilled anything on my computer and always kept it in a protective case. I'm sure plenty of people say this but, well, I know for a fact that in my case it is true. I insisted they show me their image of the damage, and it was microscopic. I have been meticulous about protecting it to the point of neurosis. I believe my machine was defective, or I purchashed a machine that had been returned after being damaged, since from the time I purchased it a year ago, it has been problematic--not powering up on occasion or charging. I am trying to find another avenue above the Apple store to lodge my complaint. Any recommendations?

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    I had the same issue with my computer. They quoted me $755 to repair it, I said no way I'm in college I can't afford that. After lots of sobbing and freaking out I finally came up with a solution. I called back spoke with customer service who kept telling me there was water damage. I swore nothing had ever happened (because it hadn't and I don't know how water could've spilled on my computer) and just kept asking for a supervisor. I finally got to a supervisor who understood why I was frustrated and cut me some slack. He charged me $280 (which is their normal service fee for out of warranty service), said that this was a one time exception and that was that. I need the computer, so I paid that. I wish I remembered his name or I'd give you his phone number, he was really nice. So my advice is just call customer service and keep asking for a supervisor until you get someone that will listen.

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    As I write this, I just spilled water all over the bottom of my computer and am praying that I don't have logic board damage again!!!!!! I'm gonna go buy a bag of rice now lol.


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    Well try to keep the water away from the system.


    As to your other post. Apple can claim water damage anytime they like. I have a feeling this happens more often then is reported. With the Users just paying the money to get their computers fixed. There is a reason Apple does not have any Accidental Damage coverage included in any warranty program no matter the cost.

    And it is not because their computer are built better then any others. They aren't as noted in these forums.

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    I have been having problems with my MBP that I bought in 2009. It recently just shut off while I was using it, and appears to be stuck in sleep mode. All symptoms point to logic board failure, possibly due to a faulty graphics card.


    I took it to Apple. It is out of warranty, although possibly covered under an extended warranty for recalled nvidia chips. They took it to the back and came back 15 minutes later to say there was evidence of liquid damage. The Genius said she cleaned all evidence of the liquid damage and they could send it off to be repaired for $280.00, but if the repair center found out it had been damaged by liquid, it would be $800.00. She acted as if she were doing me a favor.


    Thing is, I am very cautious and take great care of my computer. I dont transport it around. I dont take it outside. I dont eat or drink near it. When it is not in use, I close it up. I have never spilled anything on it. I dont live with anyone else who could have. Short of someone breaking into my house for no other reason than to spill something on my laptop, I can't imagine where this water damage comes from. She said it was a sticky brown liquid like coffee. I'm really not sure what to make of it, but I find it very troubling.


    I have an appointment tonight to go back to the Genius bar. I am going to ask them to open it in front of me and prove there was any sort of liquid damage and have them show me the moisture indicators. I do not know if they will, but it is worth a shot.

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    I am in the same boat with Apple. I can not believe it. We have bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Apple computers in the last thirty years, and never have I seen the greed and the dishonesty from the company.

    Our computer just went out for repair and we got a message about a $770 charge for water damage. There was not water damage. Oh an they sent photos which did not open. It seems to me that this is  ploy do get those of us under warranty to dish out alot of money for nothing. I will write the better business bureau, and I suggest you all do too. They helped me resolve a similar issue with another company. To all of you out there interested in buying a Mac. Beware, the price tag is already high, and then you will be treated badly and be eroneously charged.

    I hope Steve Jobs is turning in has grave, because this is the beginning of the end for Apple.

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    This just happened to my MacBook Pro where I have had problems and its only 8 months old. I have never spilt water on my computer what on earth is going on? Is there any recourse we have here?

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    .. take it to an aftermarket repair service and ask them for a quote. it will probably be less expensive.

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    I mean an alternative. It is the principal here, I have never had my laptop near any water I am in technology, and I take very good care of it. The manager was extremely rude and acted like she was doing me a favor despite my having had spent tens of thousands on apple products when I switched last year. I would rather go back to a pc then be treated with such blatent lack of customer service and now I'm thinking CLEAR fraud.  I plan to go up there tomorrow and If I don't get anywhere I will report them to the better business bureu, and proceed from there. There are 7000 plus posts on the net about fraudulant claims with regard to water damage.

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    After being told I had water damage, I took my macbook pro to a second location, where they had the info of the first visit on file, and suggested I send the computer directly to 'depot', where they'd assess the damage and requote me, possibly for more than $750, depending on the 'water damage' found--even though I never spilled water on my computer. To my surprise, I heard back from the store a few days later that my computer was ready for pick up. I called to inquire why they never called to quote me the price, and they explained it was because no damage was found and they repaired my machine for free. I was SHOCKED. I knew I hadn't damaged it, but was convinced that with my computer flagged up as water damaged, there was no way they'd reverse course. But they did! So, my only advice is, if you know you didn't damage your computer, take it to other locations and have it sent into their main repair center. The more eyes who look at it and the more people you talk to, the more likely they will disavow what they know to be a bogus claim.

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    Very strange, it is very possible the first company wanted to make a quick buck.

    I myself have had a few Authorized repair centres try to milk everything out of a repair, when I knew myself there was a specfic problem that needed repair.

    One such event happened last year when I had seemingly unusual fan noise coming from my 2009 MacBook Pro 17", they explained the HD was faulty, and the battery needed replacing.  I kept asking about the fan noise.

    I was quoted $400CDN to fix the problems while it was still on AppleCare.  Yeah right.

    I took it to another shop and they fixed it on AppleCare for free. I added 8GB of ram for ~$100.00... yay


    I am almost convinced after your story that some repair centres may actually cause the problems to bilk their customers.


    Same experience as you are indicating.   BE CAREFUL!

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    Interesting. Just to clarify though, I never took my computer to a certified third-party. I went to two Apple stores, and the Genius Bar at the first store discovered the 'water damage,' while the second store said their hands were tied because my computer had been flagged and so sent it into headquarters.

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