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  • tom_nyc Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Marc,


    I bought my 15.4" Late 2011 MacBook Pro new at TekServe in NYC, and recently, while working at my desk, the display started flickering.  Then, I heard a click, and the display went dead.  I had been using the computer for awhile and was nowhere near anything liquid.  Likewise, the computer resides indoors on my desk all of the time, and I have never spilled anything even remotely close to it.


    I had logged a complaint with Apple within 90 days of purchasing the machine about the display being flaky.


    However, when I took the machine into the Apple Store to speak to one of the Genius Bar technicians, he informed me of corrosion on the logic board which he claimed was due to liquid damage.  It's absurd, though, the machine is pristine inside and there is absolutely no evidence of liquid.


    When I took it to TekServe, one of the folks agreed with me, while one tech did not.  They gave me the same grim response: It was going to cost $1250 to get it "repaired."


    I looked at the corrosion under a magnifying glass and a bright light, and I definitely see what appears to be some kind of corrosion, but I believe that it is a manufacturing defect.  On my computer, the corrosion appeared on the logic board directly near where the display port connector is.  I don't believe this is a coincidence. The corrosion is in a specific spot and the rest of the board is absolutely pristine, as though it had just left the factory.


    I'm trying to find others who have had this issue and plan to document them, perhaps on a web site (I'm a software engineer.) 


    What did you do, ultimately?  Did you pay for the repair?  If not, and you have the old laptop, and if you live in NYC, I would like to get high resolution picture of the damage.  You can find me on twitter (nycsynth)

  • marc_ny Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Tom,


    Apple chose to repair my computer at no charge. 


    I guess I was able to appeal to their innate desire to do right by their customers even in the

    face of circumstances that could cost them a great deal of money.


    My advice is to be patient and consistent, and avoid a confrontational approach.

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    Just had the same issue yesterday after purchasing a 13" MBP for my daughter who is a senior at UNC 1 week ago.  She used it for one week, went to class on Monday where it worked fine. Went home plugged it in and nothing happened.  Went to meet the Geek Guy at the Apple store.  Said it had a blue liquid in it and therefore voided any warranty purchased the prior week.  She is beside herself as no liquid has come close to it in her backpack.  Said would be $755 to fix it, also.  It is neither humid in NC this time of year, nor has she used her laptop in the shower or rain. 


    Great scam they have going here.  From the sounds of it, sounds like they have an engineering design flaw or they are selling defective products. Either way, there insurance is worthless and they don't stand behind their products -- good to know. They also have us over a barrel as she has to have a laptop to get her school work done


    We have been a PC family up to now (we have 8); this was our first Apple computer that we got because allegedly they are made better.  This will be the last we buy. Looks like we will drop our 7 iPhones for Samsung Galaxies at next renewal, and stop upgrading iPads and move to the Surface tablet.


    I am disgusted that I have a sizeable stock position in the company as I thought they had great products. 


    We are going to file a formal grievance with the state Attorney General, since there customer service is virtually non-existent.

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    Has it been 14 days since you received the item?  If not, go online and request a refund.  You can print a shipping label they give you and send it in.


    If you call their support, they'll suggest taking it in to a apple care store to start the refund.  I suspect the apple care store will do the same inspection and not honor your warranty.  I had the same problem, the guy on the phone told me I wouldn't be able to get a refund.


    But anyhow, despite that, I still mailed it in and received a refund.

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    I am having the same issue and I think it is my logic board.  I also think it may have shutdown because of getting to hot. All this is not important because they said it is water damage. Which now means no more warranty on a 6 month old machine.  I also called today and asked for a copy of a photo of the damage and guess what?...They did not take a photo.. I asked if something can void my warranty shouldnt you take a photo to back up your statement?  I told them this is very interesting.  I have a appointment with a computer repair company to try and have the computer repaired but first we will be looking for the water damage.  We have been a True Apple family for years and have 5 iphone5, 3 mac books, a desk top, apple TV, I cant count the number of Ipods and a ipad.  I was looking at a new desktop and am almost glad this has happened because if they find no water damage and replace my logic board and this computer works.  That will be the end of my Apple relationship and my promotion of what I thought was a great company.  I was also wondering if anyone knows a site that is not Apple where these problems are being addressed?  I would rather discuss my issues without big brother over my shoulder.

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    Can I insisit that they let me watch them open it? I have to take mine in tomorrow and I am nervous about what they will say. I know for a fact it hasnt been water damaged. Is it possible that the batteries could leak and cause this?

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 (14,725 points)

    lithium polymers dont leak

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    Looks like the issue of water damage is pretty common with MacBook Pros.  I was attempting to upgrade to Maverick OS and my system crashed. Just received a call from the Apple store and it'll cost $1250 to fix my machine even though it's still under warranty. I've never never never spilled any liquid on the computer and have no idea how they arrived at the conclusion that there is liquid damage. So to all of you out there who feel ripped off I too share your pain.

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    my kid spilt milk into the my 2011 mac book and i bought it to the genius bar and was told that to buy a new one or just buy a external keyboard and mouse beacause it would cost to much to fix. so i bought a new macbook retinoin oct this year and my kid touch the touch pad and the touch pad stop working, i bought it in to apple stop to see if there is anything they can do, and what they offer was get a new one or use extarnal mouse because it would be very expensive to fix and they wont even try to fix as i ask them to. i was like what the ****, how can u fix if it was under waranty and because or water split u guy wont do anything even i want to pay to fix it.

    so stupid. why would ppl use the extenal hardware if their use a laptop so inconvence.

    then i got outside to some computer store  which is able to fix it at the price $150 only and is working prefectly fine now. how can u apple store not able to fix ur thing that u sell while other can do it at a cheap price.


    to hard to fix and will cost alot or cant fix  or might not work even if we fix it or u have to buy a new one or use external keyboard and mouse are all excuss to make u buy a new one.

    out there, people can fix it at a price that is fare.

    dont listen to the guys in the apple store. the machine can be fix a fare price

  • viren1008 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well My macbook pro got little demage due to full glass water spill on my mac book key bord accidently

    I dried it and try to start it, didn't work at all...........went to Apple store for help......

    No help as they refuse to help unless i pay around $700 for repair......... Shoking or even its brand new and I laso have apple iphone5 too. still no help...... I thought I was under 12 months worrenty but it does not cover liquid accidents.....bad service from Apple............ first time i was daling with apple for serive and got disappointed.


    At last I did littile bit of my own research ..............things i did to fix it.


    * i Open the cover from back side and left in the sun for 5 to 10 min......... if its too hot then may be littile less time is better.

    * left in uncooked Rice beg for 2 days in a close container after covering in pillow cover.


    Thats all i did and its work........... I am using this blog on same computer......once its start don't switch off for at least 10 hours.......other wise you may have to try sun again........ I did what Customer care and Apple store could not do it or could not guide me to do it


    Only problem now is it shows X on battery that meant its not connected with bettery.....

    if any one know how to fix it ???? please let me know.




  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 (14,725 points)

    that wont fix it, appears to you it has, but corrosion will set in, in a short period of time.



    As for warranty no laptop / notebook mfg. on earth has a warranty for spills and user accidents.



    Anything user caused, is no fault of Apples in quality of mfg. nor is it warranty work 

  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,749 points)

    bad service from Apple


    Your error is in thinking that you are entitled to repairs when you damage your own machine. No electronics company will behave that way. You damage it, it's your responsibility. Spilling water on it is no different from smashing it on the floor... no matter how much you didn't mean to cause the damage, you caused it, and you have to deal with the consequences now.


    If you have some kind of homeowner's or renter's insurance, the damage may be covered by that. Insurance is the only thing that will pay for this kind of damage.


    Only problem now is it shows X on battery that meant its not connected with bettery.....

    if any one know how to fix it ???? please let me know.


    I know exactly how to fix it... take it back to Apple and pay them to repair the hardware damage caused by the water!


    You not only spilled water on it, which is often a death sentence, but you then put the machine out in the sun, exposing it to potentially damagingly-high temperatures. As a result, there's definitely hardware damage in there somewhere.


    My personal opinion is that it's not worth repairing the machine. Spilling a full glass of water means that a lot of water probably seeped inside, and there may be many different hardware components that have been damaged to some degree. Some may not show the damage consistently (failing intermittently), and some may deteriorate over time due to the initial damage. If it were me, I would write off the machine and buy a new one, rather than risk years of possible unreliability and trips to the shop for repairs.

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    Well, add me to the list I guess.


    I'm one of those people who also knows with a great deal of certainty that I never poured liquid in my machine.  99% of the time it sat at my desk as a desktop replacement with the lid closed.  The closest I've ever done to getting liquid in it is I've probably cleaned the screen and keyboard with a moist cloth and then immediately dried it afterward about half a dozen times in two years.


    In my case, the symptom was the system was totally unresponsive.  Tried the SMU reset (or whatever it's called) to no avail.  When a known working power cable was attached the green light was extremely faint and flickering.


    So I took it to the apple store and they told me there was corrosion on the system board, too bad.  They said for them to send it out it would be a flat rate of $1240 and that they would fix whatever they had to in order to get it working.  Uh, yeah, for that much I would sure hope so!  And maybe a couple steak dinners to boot!


    I took it back and wanted to see this corrosion for myself.  Like I said, if I'd ever spilled anything in this machine I would remember it.  I opened it up and found corrosion in two places.  One was on the left upper corner of the system board and it was very superficial, about the size of a pea.  The other was at the battery contact and also looked fairly superficial.  I gently removed the battery cable and scrape-cleaned (i.e. no solvents) the terminals with a pencil.  Re-attached and now the system boots again.


    So there are a few things that **** me off about this.  First, I've never seen a laptop computer develop this kind of corrosion with as little moisture as I've exposed this thing to.  Not one time in the 17+ years I've been a PC tech and Sys Admin.  I don't know if it's the "basin"-shape bottom of the case retaining the slightest drop of liquid whereas a typical PC case would allow drainage into channels and screw holes?   Or maybe the MBP is made with components that simply aren't designed with corrosion resistance in mind. 


    Second, this "flat rate fix" thing would have resulted in one of their "tier 4" techs cleaning a couple components and sending it back.  It's unbelievable that all my Apple Care is good for is a 5 minute look at the machine and then a bill north of 1200 with no precise explanation of the costs.  No in-depth diags?  No doing what I did, and cleaning the contacts?  Nope, do not pass go, go directly to $1240.


    As for tips to avoid this, I guess all I can say is to maybe store your MBPs vertically  with the hinge side facing down since that's the only direction accumumated liquid can escape easily once inside the case. 

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 (14,725 points)


    jcasetnl wrote:

    I'm one of those people who also knows with a great deal of certainty that I never poured liquid in my machine.



    Youre completely ignoring condensation.



    Why your MacBook Air needs a warm coat too

    While you should never store your notebook in a cold car for any significant time (couple hours or more), in cases where a notebook is being carried thru cold weather in a case, having a padded and zippered (not just a sleeve!) case is very important not just to protect your Macbook from a shock from being bumped or accidentally dropped, but for thermal protection.


    In coming in from a cold walk or environment, an unprotected and cold notebook is subject to condensation forming not only on the alloy casing but more importantly on internal parts and the logic board which is to be avoided at all costs. Namely when turned on and the fan kicks on and blows warm air around the cold logic board condensation can form and in worst cases either eventually produce a fault or lead to compounded problems where corrosion forms inside your Macbook.



    For transporting in the cold, your notebook needs more than a sleeve, rather a padded / insulated carry case to prevent temperature fluctuation from causing condensation.








    jcasetnl wrote:

    One was on the left upper corner of the system board and it was very superficial, about the size of a pea.



    thats clearcut evidence of condensation blowing warm humid or mildly humid air onto a COLD logic board

  • jcasetnl Level 1 (0 points)

    This particular Macbook Pro spent it's entire life in the eastbay of the bay area in CA, one of the mildest and least humid climates in the US.  Regardless, a small amount of condensation should not present a problem to a well-designed product.  And before the usual "all electronics are susceptible..." that's not true at all.  Cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS and every single PC laptop I've ever worked on figured it out.  Laptops are portable devices and shouldn't need the level of babying some are claiming in this thread, particularly given the claims that macs are built so much better.


    One thing I noticed is the entire back side (the hinged side) of the 17" MBP is a giant, open vent.  Given that design there should be a moisture strip along that edge of the case.  A 3 cent part could have prevented half the problems people are describing in this tread.

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