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how to set up an out of office message

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.1
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    Place a sign on your door? 


    Seriously a bit more info might help.

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    From a web search for /Apple Mail Out Of Office/, here's a concise example with images: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/mac/Apple-Mail-Out-of-Office-Replies.cfm (though one detail that example does not mention: do not allow that rule to apply to the contents of the current mailbox!) and how to disable that rule: https://www.ecu.edu/cs-itcs/mac/Apple-Mail-Disable-Out-of-Office-Replies.cfm


    Issues with these messages:

    • any mailing lists you subscribe to will get the bounces.
    • Folks sending will get a bounce for each message they send to you.
    • You have to leave the OS X client box running.
    • There are probably a few other limitations, too.


    If you're operating within a business environment, then I'd suggest setting up a customer contact system, customer relationship manager or (simple, primitive, but effective) a mailing list; set your chosen mechanism to forward the message along to the folks that should handle the message while you're out of the office.  The contact and relationship-management systems also tend to include tracking, tickets and status-related mechanisms.


    And if you're in a business environment (or with some ISPs), then various mail servers can have a built-in mechanism to establish this.  (The mail server within Mac OS X Server offers this feature, for instance.)  Establishing this Out Of Office rule on the server also means you don't need to leave your Apple Mail (and your OS X client, for that matter) running for the entire time you're out.  Details on the set-up here vary by the particular mail server.

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    Does anybody else feel that in this day and age this is a bit poor for modern day software where this is a fundamental and very well used feature and the only solution is to leave the system running or create a auto response fromm the host??!!


    If we have to use the hosts web mail producuts or use outlook then what are the benefits of using Mail?

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    Mac OS X

    5 years ago, yes, but for most users of OS X, the ability to get email on other devices when "Out of the Office" (iPhone, Android, etc) minimizes the need for it to be done on a desktop.


    In this day and age, its almost impossible not to be tethered to your in-box (via your smart phone)