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Okay, I downloaded the new software update and realized that it completely screwed up my reminders list. I had created custom lists and a couple of them just disappeared. I tried to create them again, but it only took one and the others just disappeared. Also, when I typed a few items in my "things to do" list, they disappeared. I did notice that the "server thingy" at the top kept spinning around and around...then POOF, my info was gone. Not happy because I really liked it when it first came out, now I am going to have to purchase a separate app


I also noticed along with others that the home key is acting a little funny...nothing major, but it is a little noticeable.


Please fix these two "bugs" as soon as you can.



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    Okay folks...found another glitch. Besides the reminder list "server thingy" going around and around, the Notes app is doing the same thing. I click on it and for no reason at all, it keeps spinning.


    I think that "Reminders" and "Notes" fell victim to glitches this time.


    I have read that some folks are still having battery issues, but I can say that this update did improve my phone battery (on top of having a Mophie).