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My son, wife and I each have an iPhone 4.  My son and I each have aan iPad2.

Recently, some text conversations between me and third parties showed up not only on my iPhone but also on my son's iPhone and iPad.

I attempted to solve the problem by turning off iMessage and then by creating a new apple ID for my iPhone and my iPad.

Messages from thrid parties sent to me now sometimes turn up on my son's iPhone (and, I presume, his iPad- he's overseas with his iPad and without his iPhone, and our communication has been spotty, but he has confirmed that he's recieving on his iPad at least some of the texts sent to me).  Now, when the texts sent to me by third parties show up on his iPhone, they do not show up on my iPhone.

This is too weird, and it's really difficult to communicate with others when I can't tell if I'm getting all of the messages third paries are sending me.

How do I solve this so his iPhone and iPad don't get messages that have been texted to me, and so that my iPhone does get the texts others send to me?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1