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Bluetooth on OSX supports A2DP which is the high quality audio option for Bluetooth. But I have read that the default bitrate is so low, it impacts audio quality on Bluetooth headphones significantly. The fix, of which there are some variations, involves correcting a setting Apple neglected to set correctly in OS X but is set correctly on the iPhone and other Bluetooth enabled devices. This setting is in he Bitpool and can be set using terminal, or a specialized bit of software (I have no interest to install) or by messing with some preferences (also, less inclined to mess with).


Regardless, I am not certain this is even still an issue with the latest version of Leopard or Lion. I use Leopard but will be moving to Lion later in 2012.


Does anyone have a better understanding of this issue and is it of concern for users of latest versions of Leopard or Lion?


If it is, how does one know the best bitpool number to update to and what is the best way to do it?


For instance, I have a pair of Sony DR-BT50 Bluetooth headphones used on 10.6.8. I want the best possible audio quality for them. The process to connect them with Bluetooth went smoothly and the connection is excellent. But I am not clear on the audio quality. I used Terminal to update the Bitpool Min to 64. I *think* the audio is better but, honestly, I am uncertain (mind is playing tricks on me now! plus, I am not exactly sure what that did, if anything at all, in my version of OSX)


Here is a web posting that got me wondering about all of this: http://danwarne.com/fix-bluetooth-a2dp-audio-quality-mac-os/


OK, so can anyone clear the smoke on this? Most of the rest of the info out there deals with bad connecting/connections (not a problem anymore) and phone based Bluetooth headsets. Not headphones used mainly for music listening where stereo audio quality of the best quality and settings is desired.



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