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I bought Snow Leopard so I could upgrade to 3.0, so I upgraded. I checked in the utilities, and I'm showing I have 3.0. I downloaded the 3.1 upgrade, and I'm getting an error message in Windows XP saying I have to upgrade to 3.0 first.


I am doing this so I can load Windows 7. According to the Apple site, I need Bootcamp 3.1.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    You don't upgrade OS X


    You can't upgrade to 3.1 until AFTER you installed 3.0.4 driver


    If you want Windows 7 then forget using XP.


    Re-read the guide.


    3.1 came out after Windows 7. 3.0.4 came out before it was tested on Windows.

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    I was talking about the upgrade to 3.0 for bootcamp, not os x, when installed Snow Leopard, not upgrading OS X. I'm sorry, I was referring to the 3.0 in the subject line for bootcamp. I didn't see anything about installing a 3.0.4 driver when I upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 (again, talking bootcamp, not os x).


    I just looked for that, the driver for 3.0.4, but I'm not seeing it here.


    I don't know what you mean by saying forget xp, because its what I have, and I want to install windows 7. Can you clarify what you mean.


    I really appreciate the help!


    And which guide? I've been reading everythign I can find for hours on end today, so really really appreciate your help.


    I must sound like a moron, huh? I didn't realize this was all so complicated.


    --- hang on a sec... are you talking the guide about installing a new bootcamp and windows? That's not the problem  I"m trying to upgrade to Windows 7 from xp, so I read that I have to have snow leopard and upgrade to bootcamp 3.1. Maybe I caused confusion by not specifying that?

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    your SL DVD has when you are in Windows Apple Setup.exe aka "boot camp" a term over used and often misleading.


    3.0.4 is what is provided for Windows 7

    that is what first gets installed after Windows is installed


    The only way to get from XP to Windows 7 is a DVD with Windows 7, a reformat and clean install


    Windows 7 HP 32 or 64-bit System Builder is $99


    The manual or guide, the FAQ, the how to and support articles:



    Don't make it so complicated. i'm not.

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    sorry for the confusion, thanks I'll be more careful when using term bootcamp



    Are you saying I can install Windows 7 with Bootcamp 3.0, and then I upgrade to Bootcamp 3.1, because the drivers for 3.1 are on Windows 7? Wow, that would explain everything!


    The terms reformat and clean install, to be sure... that happens when I use my Windows 7 disc to install Windows 7, correct? Or do I need to do something first, to ensure this?


    Sorry for being complicated. I am probably not explaining myself well. Please know I don't mean to be complicating anything.

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    Oh, all these hours spent, and all this misunderstanding and the problem was that I didn't realize that the instructions to do a new bootcamp partition also included instructions at the end to upgrade. Of all the stupid things. Now I get what you are talking about. Now I have to figure out if its only the windows files etc that I have to worry about if I do a clean install... and wish me luck, because its scary. I've never done this before.

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    Hi guys,

    I have the same AChar's problem,


    I have Snow Leopard with bootcamp 3.0. I downloaded the 3.1 upgrade, and I'm getting an error message in Windows7 saying I have to upgrade to 3.0 first.


    I guess I need to install the "3.0.4 driver", that is stored in the Snow Leopard CD, I don't have it, does anyone can extract from there and share?


    thanks in advance

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    Shoot, never saw your problem! I ended up buying VMWare fusion, and didnt' have to deal with it. I run my PC on my Mac without even having to changing to a different partition. VMWare fusion lets you run your PC as a separate window on your Mac. If you are into heavy gaming or are doing anything super heavy on your PC, I understand its better to create a separate partition, but I really love being able to open up my PC like any other application on my Mac.


    Not a sales pitch or anything, but I was so frustrated, I gave up and a friend turned me on to it, and been a happy camper since.