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I really hope someone can help me, as this has been one of the several issues I've had with Aperture and Lion. I tried to find some options in the forums, but no luck so far.


I have a project in Aperture with about 6,000 photos. When I click on it in my library, none of the pics show up in the browser. When I go to "Get Info," it states that there are indeed over 6,000 photos in the project, but there is nothing visible. I have all previews enabled and have repaired my library.


I'm really hoping that I'm just missing some basic thing here, as I am new to Aperture and really, really having a terribly frustrating time with it. So far it's ridiculously slow and buggy. Help me not hate this program!


- Andy

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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