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hello today my copy of tiger stopped working on my emac and my eMac does not have a dvd drive in it so i put it in target disk mode and connected it through my powerbook g4 and it installed succsessfully. Well that is what it said. When I turned on my eMac it displayed a folder with a finder and then to a qestion mark and it kept flashing like that so I rebooted it while holding the t key. It wouldn't boot into target disk mode. My keybnoard is a logitech k120 and the emac is a 1 ghz 512 mb 40gb not dead hard drive. Please help and sorry for bad spelling.

eMac g4 1 ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
Solved by BDAqua on Mar 11, 2012 6:36 PM Solved

Put the eMac in Target modeagain.


In Disk Utilty on the PB...


   2. Select the eMacs Hard Drive.

   3. Click the Erase tab.

   4. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the hard drive icon to display the names of your hard disk volumes and partitions.

   5. Select your Mac OS X volume.

   6. Highlight the drive, select Partition Tab, then Format type... MacOS Extended Journalled, select the Security Options button, choose Zero Out Data, Erase... after completion hopefully you'll be able to install.