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the download manager of iTunes is bad! If downloads are interrupted and resumed later (lack of electricity supply, disruption of the Internet connection), then aac files are not valid! Such a file stops playing in the middle of the song, for example. Yesterday I checked my library (with Parallels Desktop + Win XP + foobar2000 + foo verifier) and I found 45 invalid aac files! All of these files I recently downloaded (iTunes Match matching process).


Why iTunes don't check the file size or a checksum after downloading???

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    I have downloaded these 45 songs with a stable internet connection again and all files are vaild now. It seems to be a problem of iTunes with the resuming of interrupted downloads.

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    Has anyone the same problem?

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    Yes. I've had and continue to have this problem of a small number of songs getting downloaded corrupt when updatings songs via iTunes Match.


    Deleting and re-downloading from iTunes Match is the only solution I have found for the problem as I am having it: the songs ARE corrupted for me, and it's not just a metadata problem. When I open the songs in an audio editing program you can see that the audio just isn't there: the data stops before the end of the song (somewhere between 50% and 70% through the piece, usually). So copying it to another computer or re-importing it won't fix anything.

    The problem is that iTunes doesn't KNOW which of the songs I've matched-then-downloaded via iTunes Match are bad, and I won't know either until I happen to play one that skips before it ends.


    Here's the only solution I've found that will inspect these songs one at a time and list the bad ones:

    Create a Playlist of all songs you've downloaded (upgraded) via iTunes Match.

    Plug in an iPod (etc.) and wipe out whatever songs are on it already.

    In the iTunes setting for that iOS device, tell it to recompress the songs to 128k AAC as it puts the songs onto the iOS device.

    Now sync that entire Playlist to the device and wait.

    Result: all songs that cannot be down-converted by iTunes to 128k AAC (because the song data is bad) will be listed in the resulting error dialog.

    Here's the total suck part: iTunes doesn't let you save that list of errors off to a text file. You have to do one or more screen captures and save off the list, then manually go find those songs, delete them and re-download them from iTunes Match. Total PIA but it's the best I have come up with, since I can find no other utility or means to batch-check that these files are valid.

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    I am having the same issue, I formatted my PC and didn't back up my library. I figured match would be fine. I have redownloaded my library twice and about half of my songs are incomplete, they stop half way. I really don't want to download 600 songs and check my entire library one by one. Hopefully there is an easier way?

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    I absolutely have the same problem. It took me around 2 days to download all my matched songs just to find many of them corrupt. It is such a time consuming and annoying task to find the corrupt ones, delete them locally and re-download them from iCloud. And afterwards there may still be corrupt ones. So re-check again until one day where finally all songs are correct. @Apple: FIX THE iTUNES DOWNLOADER.

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    I don't know if I got lucky or this fixed my problem, but I turned of allow multiple download connections in the download window and it worked they downloaded fine, just took a longer ammount of time.

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    @Jonathan1683: I can confirm this: I turned off the simultaneous download mode and re-downloaded about 200 of my matched songs. Every file is ok - at least as far as foobar200 foo-verifier is concerned;)