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after boot camp is installed how can I change the amount of space between the two parts

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Here Are Some Solutions:

    Paragon CampTune

    Paragon CampTune is a commercial product that is designed expressly for this task. http://www.paragon-software.com/home/camptune/ It consists of a downloadable ISO that needs to be burned to a disc and booted from in order to resize the partitions. During testing it was available free, but now costs US$19.95. MR user Rodus reports that it damaged their OS X partiton and a reinstall was required, so heed the warning and have a backup.


    GParted Live

    GParted Live is similar to CampTune as it is also distributed as a bootable image that needs to be copied to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. As free and open source software, distributed under the GPL, it will always be available free. Since it has more functions than CampTune, it may be harder for folks who are not as experienced with partitioning hard drives. http://gparted.sourceforge.net/



    Coriolis Systems' iPartition is a £29.95 ($44.95 US) utility that runs in Mac OS X and allows resizing of all of the relevant partition formats, including HFS+, FAT32, and NTFS. It provides a Mac-oriented user interface that may be easier to manage than some of the free utilities. As it is not capable of resizing the boot disk, it requires a bootable external disk or a boot DVD. (A tool to create a boot DVD is included.)


    Paragon Partition Manager

    From the makes of CampTune is a commercial tool that is similar in functionality to GParted Live, but has a more polished/friendly user interface than GParted Live. Previously only the US$79.95 Professional version supported all the features required for this, but as of version 11 the US$39.95 Personal version has also been reported to work. http://www.paragon-software.com/home/pm-personal/


    Winclone/Disk Utility

    Winclone is a free tool for creating and restoring backup images of your Windows partition. One of its key features is that it can restore to a larger partition than the one the image was created from.

    NOTE: Winclone has been discontinued, but for now remains available and capable of completing these tasks (including creating and restoring Windows 7 images).

    Winclone updated to support Lion Winclone updates and download

    Disk Utility can resize HFS+ (Mac OS) partitions, but is currently incapable of resizing NTFS partitions, so you could use it to reduce the size of the HFS+ partition and create a new larger placeholder MS-DOS (FAT) partition

    The full process would be:

    1. Backup Windows partition with Winclone.
    2. (if the new Windows partition is smaller than the old one make sure you set the preferences in Winclone to save the image as an uncompressed dmg)
    3. Delete old Windows partition
    4. Resize current Mac Partition
    5. Create new Windows partition as MS-DOS (FAT) in free space after Mac OS partition.
    6. (If the new Windows partition is smaller than the old one an additional step is required: shrink the filesystem on the image by selecting Tools->Shrink Windows (NTFS) Filesystem)
    7. Reboot your computer for the new Windows partition to mount properly (winclone may not restore if you don't reboot)
    8. Restore Winclone partition over new Windows partition

    An alternate Winclone based process is described in the External Guides section


    Native OS utilities

    MR user Kazyua reports that you can use the disk management utilities provided with the current operating systems if you want to do it manually. Windows 7 and OS X both have partition resizing functions built in. In OS X, open Disk Utility and manually shrink the mac HFS+ partition by dragging the lower right corner. Then in windows go to the start menu and type "disk management" into the search box then hit enter. You should get an overview of the drives you have and the individual partitions. Right-clicking on the partition gives an "Extend Volume" option. The Windows NTFS volume should then be extended into the free space you created with Disk Utility. This method has not worked for other users, so try at your own risk.


    Resizing under VMWare Fusion

    If you are looking to allocate more space to Windows under VMWare please refer to the following thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=828182


    From http://guides.macrumors.com/Extend/Resize_Boot_Camp_Partition

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    When I first installed bootcamp two years ago I could resize the partiotions without any problem using bootcamp app in utilities.


    It was in Leopard. Has this utility been removed in Lion?

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    In the new version of the Boot Camp Assistant there is remove WIndows (7) available. Has the license of the utility sold to a private company?

    If it is true, how we can rely on the utilities which are available in one OS and later disappera in another one.


    I have advertised this utility to my colleagues and now allof the sudden it disappered?

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    Also when I run the bootcamp assistant I cannot exit out of it and have to force quit!

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    You are mistaken, there never was the ability to resize partition size and space in BCA. It was partition only to create one or remove one that is there and destroy the data and Windows OS on it.


    you have a corrupt partition table and  need to wipe the entire drive and restore. Can happen if there is a bad sector that can't be mapped out or exists in hidden table areas.

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    1-When I first used Boot Camp, I had the OS before Snow Leopard.

    Not sure in which I created the the Bootcamp. It was not Lion.


    In whichever I did, I could dynamically change the size of the partition. I used a  mouse to slide, as simple as that.

    That is what I did and I do not believe you can simple say I did not do what I did. If you believe in it, good for you.



    2-How simply you came to the conclusion that the partition table is corrupted, because an application refuse to exit; even if true; using this conviction, to wipe the whole system! With this sort of suggestions from specialist any company will go to mayhem in a day


    Nevertheless thanks for your information,

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    BCA never had the ability to resize an NTFS partition after installation, you are mistaken.

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    A previous system version, Mac OS X v10.5, introduced a new feature in Disk Utility that enabled you to dynamically repartition a drive without destroying any currently stored data on the drive. This functionality was introduced primarily to facilitate the Boot Camp setup process. Lion upgrade installations also benefit from this functionality to create the hidden Lion Recovery HD on an existing system drive.

    The only downside to dynamic repartitioning is that some drives may not support the partition changes that you want to make. For instance, some drives may be too full for you to repartition. Also, Disk Utility does not support dynamically repartitioning volumes that are encrypted, like those created for use with FileVault 2, or drives formatted with the Master Boot Record partition scheme. If you come across any of these issues, you can resort to using the previous method for repartitioning a drive, which does erase any previous formatting.


    I believe I had the same version

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    Your info states you are using OS X 10.5.8. Your messages however sound like you are actually using Lion 10.7.x. I presume you still have the Windows version that you installed two years ago. Could it be Vista or XP which have problems with Lion as there is no longer any support from either Apple or Microsoft.

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    I am using Lion. Around two, three years ago I installed boot camp to install w7.

    Everything is fine, going through  Leopard and now Lion. No problem with boot camp and W7

    I assume that I had initially 10.5 before I upgraded to leopard 10.6 and now 10.7.


    My question related to why dynamic resizing of the partition for boot camp, which was part of boot camp not disk utility does not exist any more; as I used it aftere installation of W7.


    My last message is an excerpt from a book which confirms that it did exist but now because of probably the new partitioning, formatting, or whatever reason, it does not exist anymore.