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I need to order some cables and am not clear what all to order.

I am seeing loads of HDMI cables the market right from $4.7 to $89 (Best Buy). Also I see Apple TV worth $99 and then the Apple Digital TV adator. Which ones are needed is not clear to me. The config I want to use are:


iPAd to HD TV

iMAc to HD TV

Macbook Pro to HD TV

iPad remote for HD TV


If I go for Apple TV, what are the additional items I need?





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • dominic23 Level 8 (37,787 points)

    Below find the link to OWC.




    OWC is very maccentric.


    Contact them by phone and they will be able to assist you.



  • bontistic Level 1 (100 points)

    First of all, you need to specify what interfaces are available on your HDTV (HDMI, DVI, Display Port, Composite). Based on this interface, you will be able to judge what cables are needed and if your HDTV is supported by the Apple TV.

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    The HD TV has HDMI input. The big question is which HDMI cable as the type of cables in market is large? Also please assume I will be using new Apple TV in conjunciton, so do I need a fancy HDMI cable?

  • BobTheFisherman Level 6 (13,544 points)

    HDMI is a standard. If a cable meets the HDMI specification it will work. Best Buy and others will try to convince you to pay for very expensive cables because they make more money when they sell these. These cables probably have better quality plastic etc. but they won't provide a better HDMI picture.


    These store do the same for other cables like Ethernet cables. They push "gold plated" connectors on Ethernet cables but these cables are Ethernet standard. The "gold plated" connectors do not make the Ethernet cable perform better. The same applies to HDMI cables.

  • bontistic Level 1 (100 points)

    Right now HDMI is in version 1.4. This adds support for networking and higher resolutions compared to 1.3. But don't worry too much about the cable as 1.3 would be sufficient for current applications.