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How can I download IOS5 for my iPad2 3GS without a computer?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    First off, you should post your question in the proper forum section.  This section is for discussion about the Thunderbolt displays, not iPads.


    but to answer your question, you can't.  Since you are currently running version 4.3.3, it doesn't have the over-the-air software update feature.  That feature came out with version 5.0.1.  You will need to use a computer (or use a friend's computer or take it into the Apple Store) to update the iPad.  Once you have updated it to iOS 5, then you will be able to get future updates without a computer.

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    On behalf of everyone looking for a little advice, thanks for the attitude.  Hope you feel better now.

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    Thanks for having my back-I guess at 61 I'm just not as tech savvy as some. Just wanted to try and get up to date on my Father's Day gift without having to ask my boys AGAIN- guess I won't make that mistake again Apple Support...

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    Maybe you need to be more clear as to where you can ask just plain, stupid questions-You'd think if I didn't know the answer to this basic question I might not totally understand how to get a question answered...actually if I didn't get an email yesterday because I never replied to the "solved/helped" from Apple "support" I probably wouldn't have ever even found this reply box! So, THANKS-I guess I learned something....

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    Thank U a lot for quick response :-))