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i think we all apple´s lovers have heard about the new operating system ( mountain lion), and the features are many, messages, reminders, notes, notification center, gatekeeper, game center and a lot of tweeter apps. but i dont have tweeter, and many people either, soo, many of us doesnt care about those changes.

but all those futures are just apps!! i think,

no need for a new operating system for a few programs, an update would have been enough, mac os 10.7.2 to mac os 10.7.3.

or just put the programs or apps (mesagges, notes...) in the appstore.

i mean, look at the difference between snow leopard to lion, the features was soooo huge, lion is much grater, the launchpad!!! is a big difference! and apple says that between snow leopard and lion theres over 250 new features.

i know that mountain lion is new, and its being improving yet, and is goin to be much grater. but does it worth?

and the latest stable release was just on 1 february, 37 days!!!! unbelievable!! lion is so new, and is going to be replaced so quickly? just a few months for few apps?

i love apple products, but i really want a huge difference between lion and mountain lion, like snow leopard and lion!

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    In a word: no.


    I updated because I had to -- Apple disabled the access (through the mail program) on one of my mac.com email accounts and I couldn't get it to work without signing up for iCloud. Except iCloud won't work with 10.6.x.


    So I spent the $30 to upgrade, because I couldn't abandon that email address. Come to find, my Adobe In Design and Photoshop Elements no longer work because Lion won't support Power PC applications. So that's another $200 I have to spend. Also no longer working are: Audacity, Chord Phobia, Final Vinyl, Soundtrack and several games (including a geometry-based game on which I'd spent four years getting to level 600+). Yeah, I can probably find replacements/updates for these, but it's a time-consuming task and improvements are supposed to, well, make things better.


    And don't get me started on the whole iCloud concept. I have no interest in ANY of my information being out in cyberspace -- I do all of my syncing between the iPhone and iPad by hooking up the dock connector to a USB port on the computer. But getting iCloud disabled and sorting through the absolute hash it made of my Calendar and Address Book has taken hours.

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    Mountain Lion won't be released until summer.  No price has been announced, no details on many of the changes are available.


    Anyone who knows any more than what's been publicly released is not allowed to talk about it, and speculation is not allowed on these forums.


    More info will be available in a few months.

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    It is NOT speculation to say that apple are trying to EARN MORE MONEY!!!

    If you know just a "few" about computers and operating systems you can easily realize that is NOT necessary to change the whole operating system to "add" the features that they ARE NOW OFFICIALLY annoucing.

    It's just about money...

    And the think that "hurts" me the most is that they would probably STOP upgrading Lion, which I bought just 8 months ago!!!!! This IS speculation, based on reality and previous cases...

    It's just NOT worth it, not even if it is "only" 29 dollars... they try to force you to buy just by stop developing what you already bought. It's a bussiness. Pondini, "wake up and smell the coffee".

    I still think mac is much, much better than other OS, but it is a shame that they try to "convince" us that this upgrade is really "necessary".

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    Do you know what's in Mountain Lion?  Not only what's been announced publicly, but other changes?  Do you know the price?


    If not, then you are speculating, which is forbidden by the Terms of Use you agreed to when you signed up for this forum.  From https://discussions.apple.com/static/apple/tutorial/tou.html 


    2. Submissions

    1. Stay on topic. Apple Support Communities is here to help people use Apple products and technologies more effectively. Unless otherwise noted, do not add Submissions about nontechnical topics, including:
      1. Speculations or rumors about unannounced products.
      2. Discussions of Apple policies or procedures or speculation on Apple decisions.
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    It's just NOT worth it, not even if it is "only" 29 dollars... they try to force you to buy just by stop developing what you already bought. It's a bussiness. Pondini, "wake up and smell the coffee".


    So you propose that Apple keep developing and then just give it away for free?


    I'm sure Apple could afford that model in the near term (though share holders probably won't like it) but I don't think it makes for much of a long term busniess model.



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    Nope, I'm not suggesting that they give it away for free. But if the changes aren't REALLY big I assume it should be just an "upgrade" of a previous OS.

    But ok, let's stop "speculating" and wait for the official release. THEN we will see if it could just be an "upgrade" or if they really had to release a new product.

    I won't argue that Apple is STILL the best in the market. Let's hope it keeps the spirit in which what matters is NOT quantity but quality.


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    Obviously we have to wait for the Official program to come out, but looking at the video and webpage here's a list of apps that should do the work and make your Lion OSX look like a "mountain" Lion:

    1. iCloud: You already have it.

    2. Messages: If you have "Facebook", "Google +", "Skype"... you don't really need this, and you can ALSO connect with friends that are not mac users.

    3. Reminders: There are many apps that work well, I prefer wunderlist, (it's free)

    4. Notification center: Growl works great.

    5. Notes: Evernote.

    6. Game center: I don't use my mac to play... If you do, there's no option for that.

    7. Tweeter: I dont' even have a tweeter account either.

    8. Sharesheets and Gatekeeper: Upgrades of what Lion already has. Guess there's no option for that either.

    9. Airplay mirroring seems to be the best thing, if you REALLY need it then you would have to get the "mountain Lion".

    Hope it helps.