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I'm getting hammered by Apple with requests to buy MacKeeper. As a word processor who has Airport and who occasionally buys products online, but does not bank online, I'm wondering if it's worth the money? What are other iMac people doing about this?

iMac 20", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I'm getting hammered by Apple with requests to buy MacKeeper


    I doubt that. What you are probably seeing is a pop-up promoting it.


    MacKeeper is highly invasive malware* that can de-stablize your operating system. It is also unethically marketed and a rip-off.


    Further opinion on it and how to uninstall MacKeeper malware:




    Do NOT download or use the ‘MacKeeper uninstaller’ from the Zeobit site, as this will cause even more damage to your operating system.


    This is also worth reading:




    Equally phoney is iAntivirus:




    * The expression ‘malware’ is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software.

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    From what I've read in threads here DON'T TOUCH IT WITH A TEN FOOT POLE!!!! Do a search and you'll find plenty of unhappy users.

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    Apple is not telling you ... the software maker is.


    MacKeeper is about as bad as it gets getting very close to being a virus itself, according to the forum veterans.  I have never loaded it, based on their strong warnings.

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    Apple does NOT recommend MacKeeper AT ALL. MacKeeper is a horrible, horrible program. This "request to buy MacKeeper" that you see is most likely from the developer, Zeobit. They are an awful, slimy company who often use unethical methods of tricking you into buying their piece of garbage. My guess is that what you are seeing is another one of those tricks, whatever you do, do NOT download it


    Read this:
    Beware MacKeeper

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    Wow! Glad I asked the forum first. But, since I was unsure, I had minimized it (but did NOT download it), and now the icon is  on my top tool bar and on my desktop. It won't go in the trash. Help!

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    That is what the people in the forum are here for ... to keep you and me out of trouble.

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    If it's in your top menu bar my guess is somehow you unintentionally installed it. This link shows how to get rid of it:



    Edit: Ignore me, I see Klaus1 has already posted the link.

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    I clicked on the link and did NOT find Mackeeper in Application Support. Hopefully, that means I did not download Mackeeper by mistake. So, how can I get rid of the two icons?

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    Try doing a Spotlight search for MacKeeper. The Spotlight icon looks like a magnifying glass at the very upper right of your screen (in case you didn't know).

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    It's not only a case of just looking in Application support, you need to look in all the locations detailed in the above link.

    A couple of other things, launch Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder and look for anything that says MacKeeper or Zeobit - select it and force quit using the big Red button at the top of the window. Also go to System Preferences>Accounts (or Users & Groups in later OS's), select the Login items tab and delete anything MacKeeper/Zeobit).

    You may want to download the free EasyFind and search anything MacKeeper/Zeobit and delete it. EasyFind seems to do a better/quicker job than Spotlight. Restart after doing all this.


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    Thanks so much! With the help of Easy Find I was finally able to get rid of that scourge.


    By the way, any ideas about how I inadvertently did this download? Being ignorant, I had simply minized the ad to my dock, so that I could ask a friend about it later, and NEVER agreed to download, accept or anything else, this program. And yet it ended up in my utilities!

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    Normally, you have to explicitly instruct the Mac to install anything by inputting your admin password (you do have an admin password?).

    If you don't have an admin password it's time to create one.

    If you are using Safari go to Safari>Preferences>General tab and make sure 'Open Safe Files after downloading' is unchecked. Other browsers no doubt have a similar option - do the same there if you are using another.